Village of Montfort Appraisal: Impact of Cardinal-Hickory Creek Project

This appraisal examines the impact of the Cardinal-Hickory Creek (CHC) Project on properties in the Village of Montfort in Wisconsin. The CHC is a proposed 345kV high voltage line that will run between 84-105 miles long traveling from Cassville to Middleton in Wisconsin. The project also includes a 22-acre substation. The CHC 345kV will carry energy from the proposed Red Barn wind farm and the Badger Hollow solar farm. The conclusion of impact cited from the report is provided below. The full report can be accessed by clicking the links on this page.  

Conclusion of Impact

The presence of a large substation with the corresponding 345kV HVTLs would have a negative impact on the village property values. This impact would be mostly relating to these  three characteristics: 

A. The presence of a large electrical substation in the viewshed of the properties especially along the USH 18 corridor. This impact would dull the scenic beauty of the viewshed to the south of the village impacting the appeal of the properties within its view.

B. The added height, profile and size of the easement of the 345kV easement connecting from the south, and especially connecting from the north of the substation for these HVTLs would be the most predominate physical feature seen entering the village along USH 18 from the west or exiting the village along the same route. These HVTLs would not only impact the immediate surrounding property values upwards to -50% depending on location and encumbrance of the easement, but it would also color the impression of the village.

C. The combined impact of the substation and HVTLs would have the greatest negative impact on the properties directly within view of these facilities, however it would also have an indirect impact to the properties located within the village who are not in direct view of these facilities since these facilities are in the dominant viewshed and associated with these electrical facilities reducing the bedroom community appeal of the village. The overall impact to these properties is estimated at -15% for the direct view to -5% for the non-direct view.

The presence of the affiliated electrical facilities, i.e. the solar and wind farms, and their related support facilities, i.e. power lines, would have a combined affect of creating an “industrial energy center” feel to the village. With the solar farm to the east, along USH 18, and the wind farm to the west in full view of the village and USH 18, it is perceived that the traveler will feel surrounded by energy plants. Such improvements do not enhance the quiet, bedroom community feel that attracts the current village residents and, logically, the future residents. This change in the visual environment with motion of big blades, noise issues, light flicker, night strobing lights of the wind farm, combined with the expansive mirror reflecting surfaces of the solar farm will negatively impact the village as a whole, and like the substation and HVTLs, impact the properties along the USH 18 corridor the greatest. It is estimated that as a stand alone impact these combined facilities would negatively impact the properties along the USH 18 corridor at a factor of at least -10% and the non-direct view properties a factor of -5%.

Forensic Appraisal Group Property Impact Village Of Montfort 2 C Iowa And Grant Counties 2 C Wisconsin

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APR 25 2019
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