US BLM: Crescent Peak Wind denial letter

The US Department of the Interior's Bureau of Land Management (BLM) issued this official letter denying Eolus North American's application for a right-of-way to construct and operate a wind energy facility with up to 106 wind turbines spanning approximately 32,000 acres of public lands in southern Nevada. The letter describes in detail the reasons for the denial. The summation of the letter is provided below. The full letter can be downloaded from this page. 


Based on this information, I have concluded that the proposed Crescent Peak Wind project, which does not conform to the approved Las Vegas RMP, would also create conflicts with resource uses, including hunting, mining, tribal values, military training missions, and county development. Accordingly, at this time it is not in the public interest to continue to process the ROW application and complete a detailed environmental analysis under the National Environmental Policy Act. I, therefore, am directing the BLM to cease further work on this land use planning effort and deny your ROW application, pursuant to 43 CFR 2804.25 (e)(2)(ii-iii) and 2804.26 (a)(1-2,5).

Blm Denial Letter Crescent Peak Wind Nov 19 2018

Download file (117 KB) pdf

NOV 19 2018
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