The Texas wind power story: Part 2

Texas Public Policy Foundation released Part 2 of its research on wind power in the state of Texas. This paper addresses the human and environmental impacts of wind power development. Part 1 reviews the subsidies supporting wind power and how industry growth remains reliant on public outlays.

“Wind farms” are sprawling power plants that create a unique set of effects for nearby residents. Noise, shadow flicker, safety setback distances, aesthetics and property value loss are the effects of greatest concern.

Key Points:

  • The impacts of Texas wind projects on birds could have far-reaching effects for some species.
  • There is growing concern that decommissioning provisions found in private land lease agreements are insufficient to protect the public from abandoned turbines.
  • The state of Texas took an important first step with passage of SB 277 in rolling back wind subsidies, eliminating Chapters 312 and 313 tax benefits for wind farms sited within 25 nautical miles of a military installation with flight operations.
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JUL 13 2018
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