Complaints Board Dumps Svendborg: Reconsider 80 meters high wind turbines

The fate is uncertain for two 80 meter high wind turbines at Tåsinge, after two complaints boards have dumped the municipality's case processing. Now the administration will consider stopping the wind turbines.

On a basement cold January Wednesday, the wind only sporadically reached the blades of the turbine.

The still appearance of the wind turbines is in stark contrast to the heated debate they have caused.

One of the neighbors of the tall wind turbines, Allan Bliss, feels hit by legal certainty after the city's case handling throughout the whole course of the mills.

- There is nothing in the project that has been alright. The wind turbines produce too much noise and the Svendborg Municipality simply has not had the ability to evaluate this case properly, he believes.

Along with a group of neighbors, he has fought against the municipality's approval of the wind turbines. Two authorities, the Environment and Food Appeals Board and the Board of Appeal, have estimated that the basis for allowing the turbines to be erected was too vague. Nevertheless, the municipality authorized the two wind turbines to be used.

"That's not the way you should handle such cases. We are extremely surprised and disappointed, says Allan Bliss.

The two decisions state, among other things, that:

a) The local plan of Svendborg Municipality in connection with the turbines was disapproved, and

b) The municipality of Svendborg should have prepared an 'EIA assessment' before the turbines were built in order to determine the impacts of the towers on the area's environment and nature.

Both complaints boards have remanded the case processing, which means that the municipality of Svendborg must start work again.

On Wednesday, Svendborg Municipality issued its own statement on the matter.

According to the municipal director of Svendborg Municipality, Erik Meldgård Bendorf, the report gives the opportunity to reconsider the future of the wind turbines.

He also started he had never experienced anything like that.

"I can not remember a time when our decisions as a Municipality have been disapproved by an appeal board. There is simply nothing in this case that's common, he says.

He acknowledged that it was not necessarily the right decision to authorize the wind turbines be used even if they  received a negative decision of the Appeals Board.

- I'm not sure it was. But we also have a responsibility to the wind turbines. As it is now, we have two options on the short run. Either we can give a suspension offer or we may withdraw the permissions. We are considering both, explains Erik Meldgård Bendorf.

It is not clear when the decision on the wind turbine's future may be taken. The municipality is currently waiting for answers in some public hearings on the consequences should the turbines be stopped.

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JAN 5 2018
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