Protest against the Duke Windpark; "They flattened our village"

The Ruhwarders are protesting against the wind farm. They know that it is long past due to protest but hope that the situation can at least be improved. Ruhwarder citizens believe theor lives have been degraded since the new wind farm in Düke was placed in service. The operator is open to discussions - and promises to improve.

RUHWARDEN -- Helge Dierks used to come home from the late shift and enjoy smoking a cigarette on his terrace. That was before the massive wind turbines were erected in Düke. Today, the Reitlander renounces the situation. The distance between his terrace on the back road and the turbines is only a few hundred meters away. The sound of the turbines is too loud. "They have flattened our village," says Helge Dierks angrily. Like many other residents, the wind turbines are worse than they ever imagined.

Silke Trolldenier, who lives nearby with her husband Klaus and runs a gallery, complains that the noise caused by the windmills can be heard right down to the sunlit road. Meike Schindler, chairwoman of the civic association Ruhwarden and also residing in the Sonnenstraße, confirms this. She says that it is especially bad when the  winds blow from the west / southwest which is the direction of the wind most of the time in the area.

The three wind projects consist of Enercon E82-E2 turbines which were built by the four shareholders of Windpark Düke GmbH & Co. Each turbine is 149.38 meters high (490 feet). Two weeks ago the project owners celebrated the opening of the wind farms together with their colleagues from Kampen. "We have no reason to celebrate, we are the victims," ​​said Ursula Löffler, who lives in the back street and who led the civic association before Meike Schindler.

Annoying flashing lights

An added concern for many Ruhwarders has to do with the red flashing lights situated on the turbines. In the debates of the political committees, the SPD and the Greens had suggested at the time that the installations should be equipped with adequate or at least shielded lighting. That did not happen.

But it could still happen. That says Bernd Oetken, spokesman for Windpark Düke GmbH and Co. KG. The current flashing lights should be replaced by a need-based lighting as soon as that option is economically justifiable. That is also a condition of the district, according to Bernd Oetken.

According to the spokesman, the final acceptance of the wind turbines is still pending by an independent expert. The position of the Rottorblätter should also be checked. It may still be possible and necessary to fine-tune, which could then also lead to a reduction in the sound, says Bernd Oetken. He invites all critics of the wind farm to get in touch with him to discuss their complaints.

Soon worse?

"It is important to us that the investors manage to operate these things so they are bearable for us," says Lucie Meyer-Mönnich. She read a statement by the "Resigned Citizens of the Village of Ruhwarden" on October 27, 2016, at a crucial session in which the local council granted permission for the wind farms to be built in Düke and Kampen. Her letter had no impact. Now the citizens are no longer just resigned, they are also angry. "Our quality of life is gone," says Helge Dierks. And it could get worse.

Two of the four old wind turbines in Düke owned by EWE have the option of repowering, ie upgrading. Lucie Meyer-Mönnich has the information that the two small plants are to be replaced by wind turbines, which have an even larger rotor diameter than the three new plants. That should not happen, the Ruhwarder appeal to all those responsible.

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NOV 18 2017
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