Residents Want Turbine Audit

Kincardine is writing the province about taking people's concerns seriously. 

Kincardine council has decided to give it another shot, in support of some of its citizens.

At the October 4th council meeting, it was decided to send a letter to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) regarding citizens concerns about the effects of wind turbines near their homes.

The mayor says, "Our residents have gone through all the normal channels, sometimes a few times and the Ministry of Environment has answered some of them from time to time but they still have some outstanding concerns."

Council was reacting to a letter written by Franklin and Deborah Walpole that states, "We are affected by the Enbridge project but we know that our neighbours living among the turbines of the Armow project have similar concerns."

The letter suggests that both projects are "operating out of compliance."

Eadie says it's time for the municipality to "take it up a level" and demand some specific answers about the concerns of the residents.

She says obviously they would like sound audits to be done and the results to be reported.

Staff will write a letter to the MOECC wanting to know how many issues have come before them and what was the resulting action.

They would also like a definition of their standards.

Eadie says they're asking ministry officials, "If they could just give reasons for either their actions or inaction."

The Walpole letter says it appears the MOECC is not taking the residents' concerns seriously.

Residents complaints in the past have dealt mainly with sound issues, but many complain about light flicker as well.

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OCT 10 2017
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