Arkwright wind project: a sick joke, our worst nightmare

This powerful video conveys the shock and sadness as wind energy projects move through Arkwright, NY and Chautauqua County. 

In this video, Arkwright resident Bruce Roll reflects on the industrial wind project underway in his rural Western New York neighborhood (Chautauqua County):   "This isn’t just an Arkwright issue, it’s going to impact this whole section of the county and Western New York. It’s a beautiful place. We’re next to one of the greatest fresh water resources in the world and they’re up here destroying the watershed. Until the first 700-foot tower goes up, people have no idea what’s going on up here. And that’s a concern; and it seems by design, the cover-up and the way the meetings are held and scheduled and no public there.  And where does all of the input go that people who do have concerns - don’t seem to be getting support or any feedback from anything."

The only notification of the turbine project Bruce Roll received was from the Army Corp of Engineers.

An excerpt:  “I’m opposed to the public funding and construction of the Arkwright Summit Wind Project, the Cassadaga Wind Project and the Ball Hill Wind Energy Project in Chautauqua County…Proposing a project of this size, scope and negative impact shows a total disregard for this area, the environment, wildlife habitat, bird habitat, and the health of the residents Chautauqua County. This is a naturally beautiful, naturally clean, naturally healthy and naturally safe place to live. A project of this magnitude with massive towers and propeller blade would destroy all of that. It would turn this area into an industrial site that would be neurologically toxic for the residents and all living things due to the distortion and disruption of the natural elements, the wind, light and sound. Constructing massive towers with propeller blades at a height of 1600 feet on the escarpment would be like draining Chautauqua Lake. There wouldn’t be anything left that makes this area what it is. There’s a natural balance in this area that is environmentally and ecologically beneficial that can’t be bought or created by man and will only be destroyed by this project.”

In response to a question, the Arkwright resident concludes, "No, no, no. If we had known this was going to happen, we never would have  bought here.  This is like a sick joke, some kind of worst nightmare. "


OCT 7 2017
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