Companies complain of lack of acceptance of wind power

Representatives of the wind power sector have complained of a lack of acceptance for this form of energy production in Thuringia. The four dialogue forums, organized by the state government in 2016, were too little to reduce reservations about projects, said Michael Heinrich of plant engineer Enercon on Monday at a meeting in Gotha. Any known planning for a wind farm results in a citizens' initiative being formed.

Environment Minister Anja Siegsmund (Greens) pleaded for an expansion of the wind energy. Only in this way would Thuringia meet its required renewable sources by 2040, according to the Ministry. Siegesmund advocated an early and active participation of local people in new wind power projects. Anyone who adheres to this could get the land seal "Faire Eindenergie Thüringen". 

The Enercon representative said that the lack of acceptance of wind power would lead to the recent conflicts between investors and citizens' initiatives. There was hardly any willingness to compromise.

The conference was organized by the Agency for Renewable Energies. At the end of 2016, a total of 784 wind turbines were installed. 97 other plants were already approved, especially for sites in Northern and Central Thuringia.

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MAY 8 2017
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