DTE Energy and NextEra Energy Huron County wind plans devastated by vote

Governor Snyder’s new 15% Renewable Energy Mandate gets frosty reception in Michigan’s wind capitol: Huron County

Huron County, MICHIGAN -- Despite massive media buys by NextEra and DTE Energy in Huron County, both companies’ plans for additional wind turbines in Huron County (home to nearly 500 turbines today) were sharply rejected by Huron County voters by nearly 2:1 

Voting results here 


“Huron County folks have been on the receiving end of the Granholm/Snyder wind energy mandate for nearly ten years and they simply have had enough. Massive, wall-to-wall media buys by DTE Energy and NextEra Energy from Juno Beach Florida and with threats of litigation by NextEra for voting the “wrong” way were no match for the courage and will of the people. When the campaign disclosures are revealed, they will show that the people were outspent by a hundred to one. But the people prevailed by two to one across the county. This is a stunning rebuke to both utilities!” -Kevon Martis, director, IICC

“This vote was about more than just two local wind projects. This was a referendum on Governor Snyder’s just-enacted 15% renewable energy mandate. And he lost big. Huron County has had enough. And not just Huron County. In the past six months voters in adjoining Tuscola and Sanilac Counties have rejected another project by NextEra as well as one each by Invenergy and Exelon Wind. The bottom line is that wind development is no longer welcome in Michigan’s best wind resource region-the Thumb. That’s because the most effective “anti-wind” campaign sign is a 50 story tall turbine in the township next door. Given a choice, no reasonable person would prefer to have one a thousand feet from their bedroom window.” -Kevon Martis, director, IICC

“On the heels of their embarrassing loss in Huron County, DTE will be running back to Lansing demanding that our legislature seize the right to regulate wind development from townships and counties and turn it over to a state bureaucrat. We intend to fight that effort with all our strength.” -Kevon Martis, director, IICC

“ Governor Snyder, Senator Nofs and former Rep Aric Nesbitt made a poor calculation when they threw our rural townships to the environmental lobby for the sake of increasing DTE and CMS Energy’s electric monopolies last December. We are more determined than ever to stop this failed wind energy mandate that divides communities, raises utility rates, doubles DTE share prices and brings dubious environmental value. Lansing should do the right thing and end the 15% renewable energy mandate immediately.” -Kevon Martis, director, IICC

The Interstate Informed Citizen’s Coalition, Inc. is a bi-partisan renewable energy watchdog group  committed to science based energy policy. Staffed by volunteers,  IICC is funded by small private donors and is not sponsored by any industry or environmental advocacy interests. IICC is proud to work with many like-minded grassroots groups across the Midwest.

Photo courtesy Huron County resident Rob Mclean

MAY 3 2017
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