Wind farm complaints

Three Ocotillo residents went before the Board of Supervisors Tuesday.

Each complained about the Pattern owned Wind Farm around Ocotillo. They said the wind turbines were unsafe. They accused Pattern of using inferior and untested equipment, and the wind turbine were a tragic accident waiting to happen.

They also claimed the wind farm was not performing up to expectations and Pattern was going out of business.

There have been three incidents at the Wind Farm in the last few years. A blade fell off one of the turbines, one of the turbine motors caught fire, and more recently a complete wind turbine collapsed.

The last incident is still under investigation. County Planning looked into the first incident. They said the blades were retrofitted, and there have been no blade problems since. They said the Wind Farm was on Federal lands and not County land.

A report on the Wind Farm will be posted on the County website. The Supervisors said that may answer many of the complaints.

The Board asked the County Counsel’s office to look into Pattern’s financial situation.


DEC 14 2016
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