Rights Violated

I find it interesting how several Falmouth residents continue to lambaste we neighbors of Falmouth’s wind turbines, categorizing us as “complainers.”

Please realize that it is our quality of life, our health, and our property values that have been diminished and for which we continue to fight to have restored. Besides we victims, Falmouth selectmen are fighting our town’s own ZBA and the Massachusetts Justice System. I would add that a code of ethics has been severely compromised. Nuisance determinations, doctors letters, valid appraisals, and our continual testimony at countless meetings over 6 1⁄2 years seems not to register with them.

From the beginning of this ordeal we presented our case to Falmouth and state officials, had three articles presented at Falmouth Town Meetings, and we involved our State Representatives Therese Murray, Vinnie deMacedo, Tim Madden and David Vieira, before the courts appeared to be the only way. It is sad that the democratic system could not fathom a solution. For this failure I blame politics and the politicization of science. Falmouth officials have turned our town’s wind power project into a perfect fiasco. From the less than truthful beginning in 2004 when a single 600 kilowatt turbine was proposed, to 2010 when two 1.65 megawatt machines were built without the required special permits. Human rights are worth fighting for, persistence is called for, and sacrifices are endured.

One Enterprise letter writer has frequently commented that someone outside is footing our attorney fees and that our main purpose is to terminate alternatives to fossil fuels. Nothing could be further from the truth. I thought I had saved for retirement, not foreseeing that my human rights would be attacked in the United States. Hopefully my children and grandchildren will understand.

Mr. Funfar resides at Ridgeview Drive, West Falmouth


AUG 26 2016
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