Rumford voters repeal wind ordinance

RUMFORD — Voters repealed the town's five-year-old wind development ordinance at the annual town meeting Tuesday, 571-452.

In its place, the town will adopt the state's model wind ordinance.

Outgoing Selectman Frank DiConzo requested the change.

Selectman Mark Belanger said the present ordinance is "so restrictive that no one would ever consider coming here with a wind energy project."

Town Manager John Madigan said that at the time the ordinance was discussed there weren't any wind farms around. "Now people are mostly used to them," he said.

Also approved by secret ballot were:

• An amended the sex offender ordinance that prohibits offenders from living within 750 linear feet of a school or municipally-owned properties where children are the primary users, including ball fields, the Greater Rumford Community Center on Congress Street and all licensed day care facilities. The vote was 923-133.

• An amended ordinance with state standards that say an animal cannot be seized without a court order, and not until notice has been given to the owner. The vote was 796-280. 

• A charter change that says a town meeting moderator does not have to be a resident and can live within 20 miles of town. The vote was 671-352. 

• A charter change giving selectmen authority to determine the dates each year when taxes are due. Voters will continue to vote on the interest rate. The vote was 832-245. 

• An ordinance that requires buildings meet a Department of Environmental Protection rule that water from roof drains and gutters be directed into a storm drain system and not into the sewer system. The vote was 736-293. 


JUN 16 2016
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