Naughten: We need suite of energy solutions - not just wind and solar

New Cabinet minister Denis Naughten says further public consultation is needed on the issue of wind turbines.

The Minister for Communications, Climate Change and Natural Resources said he accepted a significant number of people had objections to wind turbines.

Mr Naughten said that he wanted to see further consultation on wind turbines. "There is an issue in relation to wind turbines, there is absolutely no doubt about that," he said.

Mr Naughten also said the Government must develop more alternatives to wind and solar energy over its term.

"We also have the potential rollout of solar power as well, in relation to electricity generation," he added.

"They're not the only two solutions in relation to that…there are other options out there. I think what we need to do is develop those. We need to have a suite of energy solutions," he said.


MAY 9 2016
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