Iberdrola's Horse Creek Wind Farm visual impact zone

The proposed Horse Creek Wind Farm south of Clayton will impact many people along the St. Lawrence River and the North Country. 

This video reveals the site impact from one of the locations of the proposed Windmills. The Windmills will be located on the hills around Depauville. This does not show the exact effect as I could not fly to the height of the potential windmills due to regulations. The proposed windmills may be 650 feet high! The original proposal was for 48 turbines but that may increase in the new proposed plan as the developer as acquired additional land or land leases and has a total of around 10,000 acres. Imagine the site of these windmills when the sun reflects off their white turbines, or the lighting at night. They will be seen from a long way away. In this video you can see Thousand Island Park, Grindstone Island as well as the other islands on the St. Lawrence, Clayton, Cape Vincent, and Chaumont Bay of Lake Ontario to name a few! I believe in alternative power but I do not believe it should be a detriment to a beautiful area such as the St. Lawrence River. Please do whatever you can to support defeating the proposed plan.


MAR 14 2016
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