Wind turbines - a worse circus

WIND TURBINES - It's not just snap your fingers - and then there are windmills.

So said one of the Social Democratic politicians in the city council, Birthe Sørensen, at the general meeting on Thursday evening, when the talk of reducing the number of wind turbines.

It is a worse circus, she said - with reference to the many disgruntled citizens, who will speak in opposition to project plans at various public meetings.

The three politicians,including Birthe Sørensen were Inge Dinis and Debianito. Each stressed that they actually "only" has agreed to send windmill plans in consultation and hinted they will look very closely at the responses coming .

There are three current areas, told Birthe Sørensen: Gludsted, Blåhøj and Copenhagen Unit (Isenvad)

We refer indeed to the law. But it does not change the fact that there are many concerns regarding problems with noise and shadow flicker, and significant uncertainty among people. It is a very sensitive issue - even for us politicians, said Birthe Sørensen.

Also Debianito added that enough people talk about rules and limits in place regarding noise and shadows - but that he is also unsure of how safe teh turbines are.

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MAR 9 2016
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