Documented aircraft near-misses with wind turbines

RAF pilots have reported a catalogue of near misses with wind farms in the United Kingdom. Pilots are making over 1,000 manual corrections to their charts every month to try and keep up with the changes. This document presents the reports completed by the pilots. The Light Aircraft Association (LAA) also warns there is a potential for a mid-air disaster. 

Neil Geddes, LAA Inspector stated: “You only really understand how cluttered parts of Scotland are with wind turbines when you are flying a light aircraft. ...They cause downwind turbulence which can be an issue but at least we can spot them and take evasive action. It is the anenometer masts put up to measure wind speed and such like that are the real problem. They are practically impossible to see because they are so tall and slim. If you don’t know there is one on your flight path – and lets face it, it takes maps a year to catch up and by then there will be more of them – there is little you can do. In certain weather and light conditions they will be impossible to detect. It’s only a matter of time before we have a disastrous accident in our hands.”

Air And Flight Safety Reports Windfarms Annex

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SEP 2 2015
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