Cape Bridgewater wind farm acoustic study

The Acoustic Group’s Principal, Mr Steven Cooper, was commissioned by wind developer Pacific Hydro to undertake an investigation into “noise” emitted at the Cape Bridgewater wind energy facility. Symptoms reported by residents living near the turbines include severe nausea, headaches, ear pressure, inability to concentrate, and severe and debilitating sleep problems. The primary document explaining the study and the results can be downloaded from this page. The full study, including six appendices, can be accessed by clicking the links on this page.

The study featured an on-off testing component that showed there is a pattern of infrasound frequencies at the Cape Bridgewater Wind Farm when it is operating, and also at the three residences involved in the study. The report also states that there is a trend between the existence of these infrasound frequencies and the higher severity levels of ‘sensation’ as recorded by the residents in their observation diaries.

Links to the study are available at these links:

The results of an acoustic testing program – Cape Bridgewater Wind Farm
Appendices – Part 1
Appendices – Part 2
Appendices – Part 3
Appendices – Part 4
Appendices – Part 5
Appendices – Part 6

Cape Bridgewater Acoustic Report

Download file (4.63 MB) pdf


JAN 21 2015
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