Wind Farms Noise: The sacrifice of the rural minorities

'Wind Farms Noise: The sacrifice of the rural minorities' is the presentation by Mike Stigwood delivered to delegates attending the Scotland Against Spin conference, held on the 24th November in Stirling.

Presentation slides that form part of this presentation is available here. You can learn more about Mike Stigwood and his work at: .

Mike Stigwood is a leading expert on wind turbine noise. His ground-breaking research into amplitude modulation and other noise impacts from turbines on residents up to 10km from wind farms supplies some of the strongest scientific evidence to date for the environmental cost of windfarms. Mr. Stigwood is a former Environmental Health Officer, with thirty-eight years’ experience, nineteen of which were spent working for a range of local government authorities throughout the United Kingdom.

Source: http://scotlandagainstspin....

DEC 8 2013
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