Noise complaints at Heritage Garden Wind

October 8, 2012
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This letter was submitted to the Delta County Michigan Building and Zoning Board in reference to noise eminating from the Heritage Garden Wind farm, a 28 megawatt (14 turbine) energy facility sited in Garden Township. The project became fully operational in September 2012 but by October 2012 complaints of noise poured in. The document attached to this page was prepared and signed by 73 residents impacted by the project.

Dear Building and Zoning Board:

The sounds generated by the turbines erected on the Garden peninsula have caused a great deal of the distress to those of us who live near this wind farm. Residents were told that the sound would not exceed levels of <45 dB(A) at occupied buildings, which was no louder than a dishwasher. Unfortunately, residents do not believe that is case [sic]. The sounds are so obnoxious and disturbing that it is causing individuals to have to resort to lifestyle changes that should not have to be endured.

Inside their homes people hear the sounds when they are conversing, watching TV, or simply going about their daily lives, thus increasing stress levels, as well as increasing their concerns over possible hearing loss. All which are bringing the issue of overall heath to the forefront. When trying to sleep at night the noise awakens people, and some have a difficult time getting to sleep, making sleep deprivations a real concern.

Outside our home the sound and the feel of the turbulent air movement is further cause for concern. Working in our yards and gardens is no longer a relaxing time. Headaches, earaches, equilibrium issues and an overall  uncomfortable feeling is now what is being endured when spending our time outside our homes. It is unconscionable that these turbines were placed so close to homes in an area of such importance to wildlife and people, with little regard to what the effects would be.

We have been advised that studies continue regarding the killing of birds and bats. We also worry about taking away more area for all wildlife, Many of us have noticed far fewer birds in the area. The turbines are like enormous moving scarecrows that also create very uncomfortable sounds and vibrations

These turbines are too noisy and causing much more disturbance than Heritage promised. We are requesting assistance in measuring the noise levels in question. Individuals living near the turbines are having difficulty proving this issue, and bring in experts with the sound equipment is very expensive. Therefore, we are respectfully requesting the county to bring in the audio equipment they have at their disposal to help us learn if the sounds we are hearing indeed does exceed recommendations. There may also be a need to re-evaluate the permitted noise levels for future zoning. We would like to see setbacks much further homes [sic]. Also the concerns from the Dept. of Interiors need to be considered regarding the Garden peninsula,

Delta County, as well as the entire state must be educated as to what having turbines near home and wildlife will do in the long run. Perhaps this type of information will improve regulations made in turbine placement In the future.


Garden Peninsula Petition To Heritage Energy

October 16, 2013

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