Vermont Grievance Decision: Turbine noise reduces residential property value

An inspection committee found that noise emissions from the Georgia Mountain wind energy facility negatively impacted a residential property near the project. An excerpt of the decision can be seen below. The grievance decision to reduce the value of the property can be accessed by clicking on the link(s) on this page.   

Board's Decision and Findings of Fact:

Appeal Granted.

At a meeting of the Board of Civil Authority held on 9/25/2013 at 6:30PM with members present, findings of fact were as follows:

Written inspection committee report given by Don Vickers, David Vincent & Jacqui Hood. After review of report and discussion appeal was granted by the Board. The reasons for lowering value:

The committee felt there was a noise factor to the property caused by the Georgia Wind Project and decided to use the scale (8% to 15% of value) of impact provided by the Assessor based upon the noise level. The committee recommended the property-assessed value by the town be reduced by 12%.

Appraised before appeal: $409,900
Appraisal after appeal: $360,712

Georgia Grievance Decision

Download file (235 KB) pdf

OCT 4 2013
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