California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) complaint filed against San Diego County Board of Supervisors

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) complaint was filed last week by Stephan C. Volker of Volker Law on behalf of two rural East County grassroots non-profit groups. It challenges the San Diego County Board of Supervisors' May 15th 4-1 vote approving the Wind Energy Ordinance and Plan Amendment that sacrifices predominantly low-income rural communities and valued resources for unreliable, intermittent, and expensive industrial-scale wind and solar projects.


This public interest lawsuit to protect public health and the environment from poorly sited and designed wind energy facilities. Such facilities kill birds and bats, start wildfires, emit low frequency noise that harms human health, and throw broken blades hundreds of feet. Petitioners ask this court to order the Board's compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act ("CEQA"), Public Resources Code ("PRC") section 21000 et seq., the San Diego County Zoning Ordinance("Zoning Ordinance"), the Planning and Zoning Law, Government Code section 65000 et seq., and Code of Civil Procedure sections 1085 and 1094.5.

The full complaint can be accessed by clicking the link on this page.

Wind Ord Ceqa Complaint 6 12 13

Download file (2.25 MB) pdf

JUN 12 2013
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