The Cost of Wind Power

Frontline Strategies’ Mark Standriff on how green energy job creation has fared in California.

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If you want an idea what another year of wind subsidies looks like just go to California.
-- bet big on land and well let's let our standard tell you how it -- turned down from Frontline strategies mark.
The investments -- wind -- California -- it all turn out.
Well so far it.

Hasn't proven to be the the a panacea that -- governor brown and the California legislature had their predicted last year as a matter of fact I think we.
We have created about 3000 jobs in green energy that's total that's at all renewables.
And at the pace to Jerry Brown promised 500000 new jobs have been next ten years it'll take -- a 167.
Years to to actually make good on that promise.

By the way the Wall Street Journal looked at the government's figures that the federal government's figures about how many jobs -- supposedly created by wind power.
By -- four billion dollar wind power project involved over thirty wind power farms.
And the government claimed there were 7000 jobs the journal sent reporters and called -- each one of those locations.
Found out there were only 300 jobs the government -- 7000.
In actuality there were only 300 -- you can't even depend on government stats to back up their job creation numbers.
Well they they put a tremendous not an investment of this green jobs canard right now and and frankly the thing that we worry about is -- Governor Brown is now mandated that 33% of all energy has to come from renewables by the year 20/20.
This tax credit going away is gonna put a serious crimp on that -- now that Margaret Thatcher's famous -- problems socialism eventually run out of other people's money California's.
Practically -- I mean it really has run out of money it's its operating on the basis of fumes.
You're losing a lot of that the rich people from whom they thought they'd extract that last time -- are leaving the state.
You look at the price that it cost to produce energy from wind.
52 dollars per one million watt hours when it's 63 cents.
By natural gas isn't the economic reality of this eventually gonna force the government there to make changes.

Whether gonna have to because we we know not only is it an unsustainable -- and reliable.
And what's not projected in those costs David is the fact that.
For every wind turbine farm there has to be connected fossil fuel turbine that's running constantly in order to make sure that the power grid -- upset.
When the winds that -- tends to come down it's also inefficient because.
Peak production hours for wind come at a time when most of us -- sleep where -- peak usage hours are between let's -- nine and one where.
The with the wind tends to die down a little bit here in California so you see it's it's not only unproductive in its inefficient it's also way too expensive to be sustainable.

And marked by the -- evidently I don't think this is the main issue but it's it's an issue that -- some people out there.
Birds get killed a lot by these things you know and so yeah suddenly all of these these green -- doubly eco freaks that though the wildlife foundations -- seder.
Why aren't aren't they screaming bloody murder because a lot of birds -- get murdered by these things.

Sierra Club is actually joined a couple of other environmental groups trying to block the building of a couple of new wind turbine dead plants and -- in Kern County here but here's the interesting thing.
The the get a state of California is -- protecting a lot of these new projects because they -- give them time to quote and quote mature without the legal entanglements that come along with a lot of these lawsuits.
You know hearing California -- golden eagle.
And it's at 101000 dollar fine and anywhere up to ten years in jail just one turbine farm in northern California kills anywhere from 75 to a hundred.
Of these Golden Eagles -- here and that's not counting that the thousands of other birds and bats that are on the endangered species list and yet.
They are exempt from prosecution because of the fact that they want these wind turbine farms to succeed at.

Any call they get a pass not only prosecution but also finds they don't have to -- so -- they're free and clear definitely double standard mark standard of Frontline strategist mark good to see you thank you for coming good to see you to thank you -- gas prices flat overnight but in the --

DEC 26 2012
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