NLRA opposes Iberdrola windfarm in watershed of the lake

To NLRA Members and Stewards of the Newfound Lake Watershed, regarding the proposed Wild Meadows Wind Project:

The NLRA has been paying close attention to the proposed Wild Meadows Wind project, and we are taking it very seriously. Several NLRA Trustees attended the first meeting of Newfound Wind Watch. During that meeting we stated that this topic would be thoroughly discussed at a planned upcoming Board meeting. Trustees and staff met with Wind Watch leadership in late October and reiterated our commitment. Staff and Trustees attended the Iberdrola presentation in Alexandria on November 14th to continue gathering information At our recent Board meeting, after careful consideration and deliberation, the NLRA Trustees unanimously approved the following position:

  • Given The Newfound Lake Region Association's mission to protect Newfound Lake and its watershed, the NLRA board of trustees, at their fall meeting on November 18, 2012, voted unanimously to oppose the Wild Meadow Wind Project as currently proposed, based on its potential adverse impact on the region's natural, social, and economic resources.

We will continue to look for ways that the NLRA can be an effective advocate for the watershed that align with our mission and resources, as well as the interests of the watershed community. Any and all factual information and creative thoughts are welcomed!


NOV 23 2012
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