Jon Boone's Responses to Synergics' Three Data Requests

As an intervenor in the Maryland Public Service Commission case (No. 9008) regarding Synergics Wind Energy, LLC's request for a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity to build a 42.5 MW wind facility in Garrett County, Maryland, Jon Boone was presented with three sets of interrogatories from the applicant--Synergics Data Requests 1, 2, 3-- as well as an interrogatory from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources--DNR Data Request 1. Since the responses to these various interrogatories reveal much information about sources and a basic approach to questions about the wind industry, NWW is pleased to be able to make them available to the public.

J Boone Synergics Dr1 Response 1

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J Boone Synergics Dr2 Response 1

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Synergics Dr3 Jon Boone

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MAR 1 2005
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