Economic impact evaluation of wind turbines in the vicinity of the Naval Air Station Kingsville

EC&R Development is proposing the construction of a wind power electric generation facility in Nueces County Texas. EC&R Development is an active franchise taxpayer, as required by Texas Tax Code Section 313.024(a) and is in good standing. After reviewing the application using the criteria listed in Section 313.026 and the information provided by EC&R Development, the Comptroller's recommendation is that EC&R Development's application under Tax Code Chapter 313 not be approved.

In summary, the agency finds that the net impact of the EC&R project is likely to negatively impact the regional economy due to the potential impact on the military training mission of Naval Air Station Kingsville (NASK). The potential negative economic impact caused by the impact on the mission of NASK exceeds the positive economic impact estimated to be caused by the construction and operation of the project which is within 15 nautical miles (17.26 miles) of the base.

Bishop Cisd Ecr Developmnet Economic Impact Evaluation And Recommendation Package 12 12 2011

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DEC 12 2011
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