Environmental Review Tribunal Decision: Erickson v. Director Ministry of the Environment

Ontario's Environmental Review Tribunal ruled that the Appellants of Suncor’s Kent Breeze wind energy facility failed to show that the project, as approved, would cause serious harm to human health. However, the tribunal also found that the evidence demonstrated that there are risks and uncertainties associated with wind turbines which merit further research. In that regard, the Tribunal asserted that future debate should focus on the most appropriate standards rather than “yes or no” arguments about whether turbines can cause harm. The Tribunal’s 223-page ruling provides an in-depth look at the state of current wind farm science and policy. Pages of the decision are devoted to the testimony of each of the witnesses.

The list of witnesses who testified before the tribunal is provided below. The full report can be accessed by selecting the links below.

Appellants’ Witnesses

Mr. Richard James’ Evidence
Dr. Michael Nissenbaum’s Evidence
Dr. Robert Thorne’s Evidence
Dr. Daniel Shepherd’s Evidence
Dr. Jeff Aramini’s Evidence
Dr. Jeffrey Wilson’s Evidence
Dr. Christopher Hanning’s Evidence
Dr. Arline Bronzaft’s Evidence
Dr. Carl Phillips’ Evidence
Dr. Robert McMurtry’s Evidence
Mr. William Palmer’s (Presenter) Evidence

Director’s Witnesses:

Dr. Syed Mansoor Mahmood’s Evidence
Mr. John Kowalewski’s Evidence
Dr. Cornelia Baines’ Evidence
Dr. Mark Speechly’s Evidence
Dr. William David Colby’s Evidence
Mr. Brian Howe’s Evidence
Mr. Payam Najafi-Ashtiani’s Evidence

Suncor’s Witnesses:

Dr. Pierre Heraud’s Evidence
Mr. Grant Arnold’s Evidence
Mr. Robin Skinner’s Evidence
Dr. Geoff Leventhall’s Evidence
Dr. Kenneth Mundt’s Evidence
Dr. Christopher Ollson’s Evidence
Dr. William Holley’s Evidence
Dr. Robert McCunney’s Evidence

Ontario Enviro Tribunal Report

Download file (646 KB) pdf


JUL 18 2011
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