Wind Fall-Out

Friends of Lāna‘i ( commissioned this video to help explain how a proposed 400 megawatt industrial wind power plant will impact the people and environment of the small Hawaiian island of Lāna‘i. The project could consume up to ¼ of the island and all the power would be sent to the island of O`ahu by an undersea cable that would run through the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary.

According to one State official, it is estimated that this intermittent power source would supply just 10% of O'ahu island's electricity. Castle & Cooke, the Los Angeles-based developer of this proposed wind power plant, stands to earn over one hundred million dollars every year while Lāna‘i's electricity would continue to be provided by fossil fuel.

Duration: 20 minutes 34 seconds

APR 10 2011
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