Windmill project suspended due to substandard materials

FAIRFIELD/NORWAY, N.Y.  - The Hardscrabble Wind Project is temporarily suspended after an inspection determined some of the concrete used to make the bases of the turbines is substandard.

The plan was to construct 37 wind turbines by the end of the year, more than 20 are already up. We spoke to the Iberdola Renewables company's spokesman earlier this week and he told NEWSChannel 2 that inspections were happening this week.

NEWSChannel 2 obtained a photograph of one of the concrete bases being demolished. Iberdola Renewables Company Spokesman Paul Cobleman says the company is looking at other engineering solutions to fix the problem.

At least one of the concrete bases is affected. It's unclear if any of the other bases are problematic or if the project will have to start from scratch.

The almost $200 million project was dubbed an eyesore for some time. The project was 12 years in the making.

NOV 12 2010
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