Rensselaerville, NY wind power committee recommendations report for industrial wind power

The Rensselaerville Wind Power Committee was tasked with making recommendations for Non-Commercial Wind Power and large scale Industrial Wind Power. The report prepared by the Committee can be accessed by clicking on either link at the bottom of this page. The table of contents of the report is provided below.

Table of Contents

Introduction & Overview

o Formation of Wind Power Committee - Background & Rationale
o Town Board Resolution
o Wind Power Committee Purpose and Goal Statement
o Core Principles that Guided Our Work
o Research Methodology
o Committee Members
o Acknowledgments
o How to Navigate and Use This Report

General Discussion & Related Issues

o General Discussion
o Common Misconceptions
o Wind Speed in Albany County

Summary Recommendation and Related Rationale

Detailed Recommendations, Rationale, & Backup Research

Community Impacts

o Relationship to Comprehensive Plan
o Historical Impact
o Aesthetics, Viewshed, Tower Height

Health, Environmental, and Safety Considerations

o Noise & Sound
o Shadow Flicker
o Ice Throw
o Ground Vibration
o Construction Techniques
o Aquifers
o Wildlife Impact
o Effect upon Local Roads & Infrastructure
o Fire fighting
o Lightning Protection
o Soil Impact
o Erosion
o Blasting
o Medevac Helicopters & Emergency Rescue Safety Issues
o Areas not covered - for future consideration

Financial Impacts: Property Values & Pilot Payments

o Property Values
o Pilot Payments
o Additional Notes

Law & Policy Matters, Developer Agreements & Related Considerations

o Recommended Contract Elements with Developers
o Bonding Issues
o Compliance with New York State Attorney General's Code of Conduct.
o Chart: Web of Relationships and their impact upon Town Authority/ Autonomy

Miscellaneous Matters



Wind Study Report Industrial Master

Download file (319 KB) pdf

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JUL 1 2010
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