Wind turbine noise, sleep and health

This paper is based on proofs of evidence produced for several UK Planning Inquiries. As such, it concentrates on the regulatory system in the UK. Other jurisdictions will have different systems.The aim is to inform those seeking to regulate the siting of wind turbines close to human habitation. It will be updated regularly as new information comes to hand. Users are encouraged to check the Society for Wind Vigilance Website for the latest updates.


There can be no reasonable doubt that industrial wind turbines whether singly or in groups ("wind farms") generate sufficient noise to disturb the sleep and impair the health of those living nearby. Section 5.1.1 of the draft New Zealand standard on wind farm noise, 2009, states: "Limits for wind farm noise are required to provide protection against sleep disturbance and maintain reasonable residential amenity." Reports from many different locations and different countries have a common set of symptoms and have been documented by Frey and Hadden (2007). New cases are documented regularly on the Internet. The symptoms include sleep disturbance, fatigue, headaches, dizziness, nausea, changes in mood and inability to concentrate and have been named "wind turbine syndrome" by Dr Nina Pierpont (2006). The experiences of the Davis (2008) and Rashleigh (2008) families from Lincolnshire whose homes, were around 900m from wind turbines make salutary reading. The noise, sleep disturbance and ill health eventually drove them from their homes and, in the Davis' case, legal action. Similar stories have been reported from around the world, usually in anecdotal form but in considerable numbers.

Wind Turbine Noise Sleep Health

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APR 1 2010
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