Are green jobs really on the way?

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Oregon State employment says more green jobs are on the way, but others believe "that" may be wishful thinking.

People here at Madison Farms in Echo say that's exactly what it is. A state report says right now just three percent of Oregon jobs are green, but they hope to bump that to 14 percent in just a year. "That", says the crew at this wind farm, is a long shot.

"I don't see how it could even come close to that. Whenever you create a job that's supplying a labor for someone, that labor is expensive. It's going to price itself out of the market where it's not going to be cost effective. People aren't going to buy energy from things that are that expensive if it takes that much labor to do it. I don't see how they'll get that kind of numbers," said Madison Farms owner Kent Madison.

"Madison" and other wind farms in the area are not getting help in the form of cash from the stimulus plan.

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JUL 11 2009
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