Coos County Wind proposal: Letters exchanged between County treasurer and NH Attorney General

In this exchange of letters between Coos County treasurer, Fred King, and NH Attorney General Kelly Ayotte, King accuses the AG's office of bias in its representation of the public during proceedings before the NH Site Evaluation Committee (SEC). Noble Environmental Power, operating under the name Granite Reliable Power LLC, is seeking to construct and operate a 99MW wind energy facility proposed for the County.

Neither King, nor any of the County delegation, attended the hearings before the SEC where witnesses were sworn in and cross-examined. The AG presented several witnesses who raised doubt about Noble's environmental studies and financial abilities. King negotiated the PILOT agreement for the County.

In closing comments by Counsel for the Public, Peter Roth, who was appointed by the Attorney General, stated:

"suffice it to say, I thought on several major issues, on the energy policy, the aesthetics, the environmental impact, the effect on the orderly development of the region, their managerial and technical expertise, and especially their financial capability, I didn't think this Project was right for construction here. And, that's the view that I presented and that's the view that I stand by."

Ultimately, Attorney General Kelly Ayotte overruled Peter Roth and required that he support the project with conditions. In her closing sentence of the attached letter she wrote: "To the extent Attorney Roth delivered a message at the hearings that, as counsel for the public, we are opposed to this project, we will correct that misunderstanding in our post-hearing memorandum."

Frederick King Letter To Kelly Ayotte

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Ayotte Letter To King

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APR 15 2009
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