Audubon Society of NH comments regarding Coos County wind proposal

The Audubon Society of New Hampshire submitted comments to the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee in response to a proposal pending before the committee. The proposal, known as the Granite Reliable Power (GRP, LLC) Wind Park, seeks to erect thirty-three 3.0MW turbines along the Kelsey, Owlshead, and Dixville peaks located in Coos County, NH. GRP, LLC is owned by Noble Environmental Power.

The full letter can be downloaded by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. Excerpts of the letter are provided below:

"New Hampshire Audubon supports appropriately sited wind turbines as one component of New Hampshire's renewable energy portfolio. We consider appropriate siting to include avoidance of substantial impacts to sensitive habitats and species of conservation concern. The turbines on Dixville Peak, northern Owlhead Mountain, and especially on Mt. Kelsey fail to meet these criteria."

"In addition to being highly sensitive habitat, the high elevation forests on Dixville Peak and Mt. Kelsey support several species of conservation concern in the state and region, including American marten, Bicknell's Thrush, and possibly American Three-toed Woodpecker. Turbine placement above 2700 ft. will result in direct habitat loss and additional habitat degradation for these species."

"Impacts of turbine noise on wildlife are essentially unknown. Mechanical noise from turbines is minimal, dissipates rapidly with increasing distance from the source, and is unlikely to impact wildlife behavior. Aerodynamic noise, which varies with the ratio of blade tip speed, can be transmitted over considerable distance; sound waves can bounce off neighboring mountains in unpredictable ways, increasing noise levels in unpredictable locations. The potential for interference with predator-prey relationships and vocal communication of birds during courtship and breeding indicate a need for additional investigation at existing wind energy facilities before this projhect moves forward."

"In view of the above, we strongly urge the SEC to:

  • Deny a license for proposed¬†turbines located above 2700 ft. elevation.
  • Adopt siting guidelines for wind energy facilities in New Hampshire.
  • Develop standardized guidelines for pre- and post-construction wildlife studies at wind energy facilities in New Hampshire."¬†


090227nh Audubon Letter

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FEB 27 2009
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