Township of Dawn-Euphemia Resolution

Resolution # 8, duly Moved and Seconded, from the December 1, 2008 meeting of the Council of the Township of Dawn-Euphemia

WHEREAS the community of the Township of Dawn-Euphemia have expressed sincere concerns regarding the health effects associated with commercial wind generation and transmission;

AND WHEREAS the issue requires provincial participation to provide practical study to generate meaningful results for the benefits of all of our provincial residents;

AND WHEREAS community project proponents in our community ought not to be unduly penalized by higher municipal scrutiny; the Council hereby calls on Premier Dalton McGuinty to direct the current government to initiate a thorough health study based on current scientific data and provincial experience to provide leadership in the province;

AND FINALLY that a moratorium be put in place province wide until such study is completed to satisfy the health of our communities;

AND FURTHER that the Members of Parliament for Lambton-Kent-Middlesex be so advised and that this motion be circulated to the Provincial Opposition Party Leaders.


Source: http://windconcernsontario....

DEC 2 2008
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