MTC: Notice of Availability of Two 1.65 MW Wind Turbines

The Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, a quasi-public agency, presented this announcement in 2006 seeking to site two 1.65 megawatt turbines originally slated for the Town of Orleans.

Request for Information
Notice of Availability of Two 1.65 MW Wind Turbines
December 8, 2006

Purpose of this RFI

The purpose of this RFI is to assess the pipeline of small-scale wind projects under development within Massachusetts specifically and within the New England region generally, with prospects for construction within calendar year 2007. Specifically, the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MTC) seeks to identify any wind projects with the potential to use one or both of two Vestas V-82 wind turbines, currently under contract to MTC, by December 31, 2007. These turbines were originally earmarked for use in a wind project in the watershed in the Town of Orleans. However, MTC is willing to offer them elsewhere if this would contribute substantially to the construction of a wind project that benefits Massachusetts electric ratepayers in 2007.

Background - MTC Wind Turbines

On November 30, 2005, the MTC Board voted to approve the acquisition of two 1.65 MW Vestas wind turbines (MTC Turbines). Based on that approval, MTC entered into a contract with Vestas to procure the MTC turbines at a cost of $5,282,566, including delivery and a two year warranty. The general scope and terms of MTC's contract with Vestas are set forth in Attachment A-1.

The MTC Turbines initially were to be used in a wind project to be constructed within the Town of Orleans watershed during the fall of 2006. However, during project development, MTC and the Town identified issues that needed to be addressed prior to construction within the sensitive watershed area. These issues have (based on current facts and circumstances) pushed the installation date for the Orleans project back to at least the late fall, 2007. MTC is committed to supporting a wind project in Orleans, on a timetable appropriate to the project.

MTC recognizes that the availability of 1.5 MW class turbines is a significant impediment to the construction of wind projects in Massachusetts and New England. MTC therefore seeks to determine whether it could significantly advance the pace of construction of one or more wind projects beneficial to Massachusetts ratepayers by making the MTC Turbines available to wind projects in an advanced stage of development.

Who should respond with an expression of interest or request to negotiate?

MTC seeks expressions of interest from wind project proponents who may wish to use one or both Vestas V-82 turbines in a wind project to be completed by December 31, 2007, but who are not yet ready to enter into negotiations with MTC (and Vestas, as their consent is required to an assignment of the MTC turbines, as more fully described below). MTC also seeks requests to negotiate from wind project proponents that have reached the project milestones outlined below, and that are willing to enter immediately into negotiations with MTC (and Vestas) to purchase one or both of its Vestas V-82 turbines for use in a calendar year 2007 project.

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Mtc Wind Turbines

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DEC 8 2006
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