Documentation Related to the Proposed Bald Hills Wind Farm, Victoria, Australia

Compliments of Andrew Chapman, the attached pdf files contain extensive documentation particularly with respect to the impact of wind turbines on wildlife as part of an ongoing effort to prevent the construction of the Bald Hills Wind Farm, South Gippsland, Victoria. While it has been approved by the Victorian State Government the presence in the Bald Hills area of migratory species of national and international significance that are protected by treaties with Japan and China in the Bald Hills has placed the final decision in the hands of the Federal Government. This decision is pending.

Andrew Chapman's Comments:

More than 1,200 people lodged submissions opposing the proposed Bald Hills wind farm.  Many made submissions to the panel the Government appointed panel considering the environmental effects of the proposed Bald Hills wind farm.  The documents included here are some of the key presentations and they are provided because they may be of assistance people in other places where wind farms are proposed.
-The documents environmental effects statement by Andrew Chapman and wader bird count study, which is page 10, are the submission of Andrew Chapman.  This submission focuses on the failure to undertake adequate bird surveys and the weakness in the assessment of potential impact on birds in the area.

-The document panel hearing bald hills is by Marion Chapman who is a wildlife artist.  It describes the 'sense of place' around Bald Hills.

-The document, Belinda Appleton's statement of evidence on bats, was produced by Belinda who was commissioned by the Tarwin Valley Coast Guardians to provided expert evidence on the bats surveys and impact assessment at Bald Hills.

-The document save wildlife field day is a record of a meeting at the Bald Hills Wetland Reserve where farmers, conservationists and Councillors  expressed their concerns about the Bald Hills wind farm proposal.

-The document support protection of Bald Hills wildlife is a pamphlet that was distributed to raise awareness of the issue.

-The document final response is Andrew Chapman's response to the closing submission by, Brett Lane and Associates Pty Ltd, the company that undertook the flora and fauna surveys and made impact assessment predictions.

-The Agricultural Scientist submission provides an assessment of the impacts the proposed wind farm would have on the rural community.

-The document Acoustical Assessment was a statement of evidence by an acoustic consultant commissioned by the Tarwin Valley Coast Guardians.  This document brought to peoples attention the factors which contribute to wind turbines generating low frequency noise.

-CAMBRA Agreement: Australian/Chinese Agreement for the Protection of Migratory Birds and Their Environment

-JAMBA Agreement: Australian/Japanese Agreement for the Protection of Migratory Birds in Danger of Extinction and Their Environment
Belinda Appleton 'S Statement Of Evidence Bats

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Environmental Effects Statement Andrew Chapman

Download file (365 KB) pdf

Panel Hearing Bald Hills

Download file (977 KB) pdf

Save Wildlife Field Day

Download file (95.5 KB) pdf

Support Protection Of Bald Hills Wildlife

Download file (35 KB) pdf

Wader Bird Count Study

Download file (87.8 KB) pdf

Final Response

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Agricultural Scientist Ian Tuck Extensive Critique

Download file (158 KB) pdf

Acoustical Assessment

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Camba Agreement

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Jamba Agreement

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MAR 9 2006
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