Wind Turbine Noise Issues: A Comprehensive Overview

The attached Pdf file provides a comprehensive overview of wind turbine noise related issues.

This pdf file contains:

-Catharine M. Lawton's 3/11/04 Comments to the Oregon Department of Energy in response to "Notice of Proposed Rulemaking- Noise Control Regulations Related to Wind Energy Facilities"

and the following Attachments:

A- A White Paper prepared by the Renewably Energy Research Laboratory et al, University of Massachusetts at Amherst June 2002

B- "Noise From Wind Turbines - Standards & Noise Reduction Procedures", H. Klug September 2002

C- "Noise Annoyance from Wind Turbines - A Review", Eja Pedersen August 2003

D- "Summary of IEA Topical Expert Meeting on Noise Emission", Lisa Johnson November 2000

E- "Wind Turbines at Night - accoustical practice and sound research", Frits G.D. van den Berg 2003

G- Noise/distance Noise analysis graphic

H- "Wind farms make peopls sick who live up to a mile away", Catherine Miller, Sunday Telegraph 1/25/04

J-"Wind Farms - Environmental Noise Guidelines", Australian Environment Protection Agency February 2003

3 11 2004 Oregon Notice Of Proposed Rulemaking Wind Energy Facility Noise

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MAR 11 2004
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