Fletcher letter to Roxbury Maine

The Fletchers of Mars Hill, ME provided this letter to the residents of Roxbury, ME in hopes the voters of Roxbury would make an informed decision before agreeing to permit industrial turbines on their ridgelines. This letter is published here with the permission of Shirley and Richard Fletcher.

Hi Linda,

We are Shirley and Richard Fletcher, ages 76 and 78 years old and have lived on this property all our adult lives.

Wendy Todd is in a unique spot on the east side of the ridge that runs up to the mountain. She lives in close proximity from towers #5,6,7,8 and 9. Those being close to 400 ft plus the height of ground they tower probably 600 to 800 ft above her home. At night the thud from the turbines can be heard inside her house.

We live on the west side of the ridge which is a cleared field that is where tower # 1 is located. It is only 1500 ft from our home. We get a lot of noise when there is a storm brewing and the wind is blowing hard. We get a lot of strobbing and shadow flickering when the sun comes up in the east the shorter days of the year.

We try not to let it bother us but we have no choice. Our biggest gripe is the property devaluation, which we can't prove at this time. A gentleman moved in the area from R. I. a few years ago and wanted first chance on our property when we decided to sell. He talked with Richard the other day and said now he wouldn't give $5000 for land that is 75 acres and our home built in 93.

That is his perspective.

You tell the powers that be in Roxbury that if they don't give a damn what the people see or hear and the mountain ridges altered and disfigured forever, and I'm sure a few in Roxbury think it's going to save the planet. With that attitude tell them to go for it!!

Linda, You people have your work cut out for you.

Good Luck.
Shirley and Richard Fletcher

MAR 23 2008
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