Welcome to Mars Hill - Part 3 of 3

This video introduces you to the people of Mars Hill ME who are being driven from their homes due to wind turbine noise. UPC Wind installed 28 1.5 MW turbines within 2600 feet of where these families live. The problem of noise developed almost immediately after the turbines were turned on.

Welcome to Mars Hill:

Part 1: 9 minutesĀ 42 seconds

Part 2: 9 minutesĀ 06 seconds

Part 3: 3 minutes 15 seconds

Credits: Special thanks to Carol and Paul Brouha, Bobbie Kinnel, Wendy Todd, and Praetorian Productions for creating this video. We also wish to thank Rick Bolton of Environmental Compliance Alliance for converting the DVD to .wmv format.

DEC 25 2007
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