Assessment of Mars Hill sound study

Richard Bolton, of Environmental Compliance Alliance critiqued RSE's methodology. His prepared comments, as submitted to the Maine DEP, can be accessed below.

In response to complaints of excessive noise at the Mars Hill wind facility in Mars Hill, Maine, UPC Wind agreed to conduct a sound study at the request of the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). UPC's report, prepared by Resource Systems Engineering (RSE), found that the sound levels at some locations exceeded the permitted limits for the project. The UPC sound report can be viewed at .

Richard Bolton, of the Environmental Compliance Alliance critiqued RSE's methodology and his prepared comments were submitted to the Maine DEP.

In October, residents of Mars Hill were notified that Maine DEP had signed a contract with noise expert Warren Brown of Old Town, Maine. Brown will be analyzing the situation and is expected to report his findings to the DEP by November.

Bolton Mars Hill Cover Letter

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Bolton Assessmentofthe Sound Level Study Mars Hill

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JUL 28 2007
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