Ironworkers Local 33 Letter to Steuben County NY IDA

This letter was sent to the Steuben County (NY) IDA in response to UPC Wind's decision to hire outside contractors and construction workers to erect the Cohocton Wind facility.

Ironworkers Local 33
International Association of Bridge, Structural,
Ornamental and Reinforcing Iron Workers
154 Humboldt Street-Rochester, NY 14610
(585) 288-2630 fax(585) 288-3115

Gary Swanson Michael Altonberg
Business Manager Business Agent


Dear Board Member,

This is a formal request to have this letter read and entered into the official minutes of The Steuben County IDA meeting on September 27, 2007.After years of planning and anticipating, wind turbines are finally going to be a reality in Stueben County. The skilled construction workers, who live, pay taxes, shop and help support the local organizations and economy are being cheated out of the opportunity to work on these projects. Why, because of greed on the part of UPC Wind Management and Mortenson Construction. The millions of dollars in payroll will be going out of state right along with the workers when the job is complete. Don't be fooled by the age old scam of advertising in the local papers for workers to do these specialized jobs, because there are few, if any that would be qualified. UPC and Mortenson will tell you they tried to find local people but could not, when in reality we have an abundance of qualified, trained people available and were told on several occasions that they would be employed and at the last minute because of greed we are being denied this work. The majority of work generated by these types of projects, are the temporary construction jobs. The Southern Tier Building Trades represents the largest group of workers in the area, and they deserve to get a share of this work. For the record we are proud union members and enjoy benefits that include health care and pensions, which I'm sure the workers being trucked in do not. I have enclosed a copy of a letter sent to Cohocton residents dated April, 11 2006 from Chris Swartley, Development Manager for UPC that clearly states in bold print in the last paragraph UPC's intention. UPC also advertises on there website the fact that they give these jobs to local people. At this time we are asking that you table the request for a PILOT for any projects that UPC or their subsidiaries are planning until this matter is resolved.

Gary Swanson                                         Michael Altonberg
Business Manager                                   Business Agent
Ironworkers Local 33                                Ironworkers Local 33

Elliot Spitzer-NYS Governor
Andrew Cuomo-NYS Attorney General
George Winner-NYS Senator
Thomas DiNapoli-NYS Comptroller
James Bacalles-NYS Assembly
Cohocton Town Board Members
Prattsburgh Town Board Members
Avoca Town Board Members
Chris Swartley-UPC Development Manager
Executives-UPC Wind Management

Ironworkers Letter

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SEP 21 2007
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