Hays Kansas Neighbor Agreement

Neighbor agreement(s) sent to property owners with land and/or a residence near the project area.

Just days prior to the Ellis County KS Commissioners voting on Iberdrola's large wind proposal, Iberdrola sent this agreement to Hays, KS landowners who own property and/or live in the vicinity of the project area.

At least three versions of the agreement were distributed: 1) for people whose land borders the project site but do not live there; 2) property owners who live in the area.

The agreements are identical with the exception of Exhibit B - Financial Compensation. For those landowners living near the site, Iberdrola offered to pay their electricity costs for the life of the project. Some residents were offered compensation up to 10,000 kilowatt hours per year; others were offered up to 20,000 kilowatt hours per year. Absentee landowners were presented with a one-time lump-sum payment of $3000 US.

Comments on the agreement prepared by an attorney are included in the second linked document.

Iberdrola Hays Neighbor Agreement

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Hays Neighbor Agmt Attorneycomments

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AUG 30 2007
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