Cape Cod Commission Staff Report - Cape Wind Energy Project

The Cape Cod Commission (CCC) has asserted that the Cape Wind energy project qualifies as a Development of Regional Impact (DRI) under Section 12(i) and 13(b) of the Cape Cod Commission Act. The CCC staff report can be accessed from this page.

To be approved by the Cape Cod Commission, the project must be consistent with local zoning bylaws, local certified comprehensive plans (LCP) and the Minimum Performance Standards (MPS) in the Regional Policy Plan (RPP). In addition, the project must demonstrate that the probable benefits of the project outweigh the probable detriments of the project. All DRI applications are reviewed for consistency with these requirements. This staff report focuses on the project's consistency with the MPSs.

In May 31, 2007, the Cape Cod Commission voted to define the scope of the Commission's DRI review. This vote was to review and regulate those elements of the project on land and within the three-mile limit, and to review the impacts, both positive and negative, of all aspects of the entire project as it affects and relates to the resources protected under the Cape Cod Commission Act (described in Section 1 of the Act).

Cape Wind Dri Staff Rept

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SEP 4 2007
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