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Iowa Investigation of Beaver turbine fire underway Friday 25 May
Pennsylvania Windmill catches fire at Locust Ridge Wind Farm in Schuylkill County 22 May
Germany Investigation into damaged Adwen turbine begins 14 May
Maine UMPI keeping options open after wind turbine fire 10 May
Ontario Wind turbine damaged near Bruce Power Visitors Centre 4 May
Maine Officials reviewing options on wind turbine 3 May
Maine Investigators search for cause of UMPI's turbine fire 6 Apr
Ohio Wind turbine damaged in storm 4 Apr
Ontario Faulty blade caused collapse: company 3 Apr
Maine UMPI's wind turbine damaged in late-night fire 2 Apr
Maine UMPI wind turbine catches fire Easter night 2 Apr
Oklahoma Wind turbine catches fire near Weatherford 29 Mar
Massachusetts Leaks stall turbines, Gloucester's wind income 22 Mar
Europe UK Wind farm blades eroding after few years at sea (watch video) 12 Mar
Massachusetts Hanover departments respond to fire at wind turbine 10 Mar
Germany Rotor blades of wind turbine shredded at Borchen 10 Mar
Massachusetts Hanover: Crews Respond To Turbine Fire 9 Mar
Europe Denmark UK Siemens sets billions: Ørsted must repair hundreds of turbines 23 Feb
Risky Business: Mitigating threats to onshore wind projects & portfolios 20 Feb
Ontario Chatham-Kent wind farm with toppled tower going back online 15 Feb
Texas Wind turbine blades falling off Addison’s water tower result in $1 million flop, crazy lawsuit 1 Feb
Ontario Blade strike may have caused turbine collapse, says engineer 26 Jan
Ontario Wind turbines shut down amid investigation into collapse 22 Jan
Ontario Wind Turbine breaks in half in Chatham-Kent 19 Jan
Ontario Investigation underway into toppled turbine 19 Jan
Europe Wind turbine blown down by the wind in western France 2 Jan
Oklahoma Wind turbine catches fire near Woodward 26 Dec 2017
Europe Turbine in flames, two people seriously injured 19 Dec 2017
Europe Fire at Engie Electrabel Energy Storage unit releases toxic gas 11 Nov 2017
Australia Mystery surrounds collapse of wind turbine head at Australian Antarctic Division’s Mawson research station 8 Nov 2017
Ontario Exhibition Place wind turbine hasn't produced power since March 12 Oct 2017
Europe Wind turbine collapsed amid high winds on island of Pag 9 Oct 2017
Michigan Blade breaks on DTE turbine 9 Oct 2017
Europe Wind blade breaks, tower crumples like paper 7 Oct 2017
Michigan Turbine blade breaks near Lewisville 29 Sep 2017
Europe Fire hits Dutch wind farm 28 Sep 2017
Europe Technicians hurt in Zeewolde windmill fire 27 Sep 2017
Wyoming Cowboy Fire sparked by wind turbine burning on 1,592 acres near Evanston 11 Sep 2017
Asia Wind turbine catches fire in shadow of Saga nuclear plant 23 Aug 2017
Denmark Big MHI Vestas test wind turbine on fire 4 Aug 2017
Oklahoma Firefighters respond to wind turbine fire 29 Jul 2017
Ireland SSE forced to fix defects in wind turbine foundations 24 Jul 2017
Oklahoma The public deserves to know problem 22 Jul 2017
Kansas Wind turbine catches fire in Lincoln County 19 Jul 2017
Oklahoma Blade from wind turbine falls into Oklahoma man’s cornfield 19 Jul 2017
USA Nebraska Causes of turbine failures remain a mystery 29 Jun 2017
Michigan 160-foot wind turbine blade snaps, dangles from rotor 27 Jun 2017
Texas Process of investigating turbine collapse to take weeks 22 Jun 2017
Texas And the wind turbine comes tumbling down 22 Jun 2017
Texas Wind turbine collapses in Windthorst 21 Jun 2017
Oklahoma Experimental wind turbine near Hooker collapses 20 Jun 2017
Illinois Lake Land College removes, disassembles damaged wind turbines 14 Jun 2017
Nebraska Wind turbine collapses near Diller; cause unknown 14 Jun 2017
Nebraska Wind Tower Collapses South of Diller 13 Jun 2017
Iowa It's 'exceedingly rare' for a fire to have engulfed this wind turbine in Iowa 8 Jun 2017
Texas Wind Turbine catches fire in Donley County 8 Jun 2017
Iowa Fire destroys wind turbine near Harris 6 Jun 2017
Oklahoma Blade breaks off wind turbine east of Enid 1 Jun 2017
Kansas Wind turbine collapses for no obvious reason. 24 May 2017
Nova Scotia 'Forgotten washer' heard in hub before wind turbine collapsed in Cape Breton 15 May 2017
Massachusetts Fairhaven wind turbine catches fire 27 Apr 2017
Rhode Island Wind turbine at Narragansett beach collapses in storm 14 Mar 2017
Ohio Conneaut assessing damage from turbine lightning strike 1 Mar 2017
South Dakota USA Federal lawsuit faults FAA for 2014 South Dakota plane crash 9 Feb 2017
Europe Italy: a wind turbine disintegrates under the force of the wind 7 Feb 2017
Ireland Wind turbine collapses as storms batter Northern Ireland 3 Feb 2017
Ireland Wind turbine keels over in County Down 3 Feb 2017
UK Safety probe launched after collapse of 480-foot wind turbine in Ayrshire 30 Jan 2017
UK Kilgallioch wind farm turbine incident under investigation 20 Jan 2017
Europe Wind turbine blade tears and breaks on the ground in Nurlu 18 Jan 2017
Michigan Hundreds of Tuscola County wind turbine motors being replaced, design flaw blamed 14 Jan 2017
Pennsylvania Elk Lick turbine drops a blade 12 Jan 2017
UK Innogy investigates cause of Yorkshire wind turbine blaze 9 Jan 2017
Nova Scotia Point Tupper wind turbine collapse remains a mystery 6 Jan 2017
Europe Finland: Fires strike residential buildings, wind turbine 6 Jan 2017
UK Fire destroys wind turbine near to Harrogate 6 Jan 2017
Nova Scotia People near snapped wind turbine say winds were high but not unprecedented 6 Jan 2017
Denmark Storm blows off Vestas blade in Denmark 6 Jan 2017
Nova Scotia Grand Etang collapse came six months after Point Tupper turbine fell 5 Jan 2017
Germany Safety of power-generating wind turbines questioned 5 Jan 2017
Nova Scotia High winds likely caused tower to snap at Grand Etang installation 5 Jan 2017
Nova Scotia Fierce Canadian winds snap turbine like a matchstick 4 Jan 2017
Germany Collapse of wind turbine under investigation 4 Jan 2017
Germany Wind turbine is now scrapped 30 Dec 2016
Europe Vestas still cannot explain why turbine blade blew off 29 Dec 2016
UK Storm Barbara blows blades from wind turbine 24 Dec 2016
Michigan Fire takes down an entire wind turbine, families nearby react 20 Dec 2016
Michigan Wind turbine breaks on snowmobile trail between Minden City and Deckerville 15 Dec 2016
Michigan Wind turbine breaks on snowmobile trail between Minden City and Deckerville 15 Dec 2016
California Wind farm complaints 14 Dec 2016
California Pattern Energy, Siemens determine cause of Ocotillo wind collapse 14 Dec 2016
Michigan Official: Lack of adhesive led to broken turbine blades 9 Dec 2016
California Ocotillo turbine collapse investigation launched 22 Nov 2016
Pennsylvania Windmill fire sends black smoke across the valley 11 Nov 2016
Texas Wind turbine burns near O'Donnell 2 Nov 2016
Turbine fires – a burning issue for the industry 31 Oct 2016
UK ZPMC found responsible for greater Gabbard monopile cracks 28 Oct 2016
Michigan Broken blades on two turbines east of Kinde 22 Oct 2016
Missouri Crane Accident Causes Rotor Collapse At NextEra Wind Farm 20 Oct 2016
Hawaii Siemens Turbine Fails At Sempra’s Auwahi Wind Complex 7 Oct 2016
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