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Wind turbines April 3rd protest

A 2011 Environmental Review Tribunal concluded, based on evidence submitted by 26 expert witnesses that wind turbines placed too close to families can cause adverse health problems. The question we need answered now is how far back do the turbines need to be placed to be safe? We know without question that 550 metres is not safe.
26 Mar 2012

Tribes fight green energy wind project in desert

"Without listening to us, without recording what we have to say, without putting those in the environmental impact study, the archeological study, they're not understanding where we're coming from," Pico said. The chairman said Ocotillo wind's designation as a BLM priority project has led to a "fast track" process that has restricted public participation and consultation with affected parties.
19 Mar 2012

Wind turbine noise: Seems to affect health adversely and an independent review of evidence is needed

A large body of evidence now exists to suggest that wind turbines disturb sleep and impair health at distances and external noise levels that are permitted in most jurisdictions, including the United Kingdom. Sleep disturbance may be a particular problem in children,[1] and it may have important implications for public health.
11 Mar 2012

New county slogan? . . . Where land, sky meet turbines

Maine's experience with is instructive. While everyone was worried about the "visual" pollution of 450-foot tall white towers sticking up four to five times higher than the surrounding forest, the most invasive aspect of wind turbines has actually been the incessant low frequency "thuds" that come from the blades as they rotate. This has caused issues for the people who live within the sound's radius which, even in forested areas, is significantly further away than the quarter mile setback.
10 Mar 2012

Exelon says it's working with upset landowners

During Wednesday's Huron County Planning Commission meeting, officials said they had been contacted by landowners in the project area, which includes land in McKinley, Chandler and Oliver townships, because they had concerns that contractors installing underground electrical cables have not been respectful of the farm land, and they fear the activities will affect the condition of the land in the spring.
10 Mar 2012

Turbine plan surprised them, residents say; Indian Pond neighbors call project detrimental

With generally favorable press and its cluster of five wind turbines up and visible to travelers on Route 3, the town of Kingston has gained wide attention as a model of green energy in Massachusetts. But some property owners in a high-end neighborhood near the power generators complain the green label was earned at their expense.
8 Mar 2012

Wind turbine health study starting up

The team wants to measure noise levels, both audible and low frequency, at the houses near turbines. As well, the team wants a few dozen participants who will agree to have their sleep habits monitored. That entails the participant wearing a device on their wrist that detects movement while they're sleeping to show if their sleep is being disturbed, Bigelow said.
5 Mar 2012
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