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Wind farm silence deafening

With the benefit of recent acoustical studies and medical papers, it has become increasingly clear there is a link between wind turbine operation and health effects, the only question is to what degree and what action to take. ...It is distressing that we can get public policy so wrong so much of the time and then take so long to fix it.
4 Nov 2011

Get the facts before making siting decisions

Two families whom I represent have moved out of their homes because of illnesses they felt after eight wind turbines were built nearby; others want to move but can't afford to. A Fond du Lac family abandoned their $300,000 remodeled farm house because their 16-year-old daughter developed intestinal lesions and was hospitalized for them. After they moved away, she recovered.
27 Oct 2011

Community threatened by wind farm staff

Members of an indigenous community in Oaxaca, southern Mexico have been threatened by security staff from a wind farm construction company. The company has been building on their land. Two human rights defenders have also received death threats. Their lives are a risk.
25 Oct 2011

Dirty war of clean energy

"It's like no other noise you have ever heard," he said describing it as a strong whooshing sound that persists with a westerly wind. "That's about 90 per cent of the year." South Australian farmer Andy Thomas lives near six turbines at Mt Bryan. In an affidavit in a case against the wind farm, Mr Thomas said the turbine noise was like a jet passing overhead.
22 Oct 2011

International review of wind policies and recommendations for wind turbine setbacks from residences

International_review_of_wind_policies_and_recommendations_thumb There is no worldwide agreement on appropriate wind turbine setback distances from homes and limited awareness of wind turbine setbacks in other countries. This report attempts to identify and clarify existing governmental requirements and recommendations regarding wind turbine setbacks from residences. The introduction of the report is provided below. The full report can be accessed by clicking the link(s) on this page.
19 Oct 2011

Hush money offered to wind dissenters

First Wind tried to end the appeal with a cash settlement that, according to one source, jumped to $2-million in a failed effort by the company to reboot negotiations. ...however, the company's offer stretched beyond the appeal. In addition to dropping their appeal, the members of the suit would have been required to sign off on a sound easement against their property. A gag order would have prevented them from talking about it.
19 Oct 2011

Life with Dekalb Turbines

Dave and Stephanie Hulthen spoke on "Life with Dekalb Turbines". They are from DeKalb County, Illinois. They live in the middle of an industrial wind farm. There are thirteen industrial wind turbines located within one mile of their home, two within 1400 feet. Interstate Informed Citizens Coalition (IICC) hosted a seminar at the Blissfield Middle School in Michigan. IICC is opposing wind turbine siting in Riga, Ogden and Fairfield townships, Michigan. Duration: 41 minutes 29 seconds  
19 Oct 2011

Health Board conditionally supports turbine article

The board made the unanimous decision last night to support the spirit of the petitioners article, but not the exact wording. Article 9 asks Town Meeting to suspend operations of Wind 1 and Wind 2 until research can show that no harm is being done to nearby residents by the Falmouth turbines. Wind 1 is currently operational, but shuts down when wind speeds exceed 23 miles per hour. Wind 2 is completed, but not yet operational.
18 Oct 2011

The lie behind turbine noise models

Hardscrabble_sound_model_overlay_thumb Herkimer County, New York is the latest location to register wind turbine noise complaints. The source? Iberdrola's Hardscrabble wind facility (37 turbines) that went online earlier this year. Studies are underway to determine if the project is operating outside legal sound limits, but the larger question is 'Why?'. Why, with over 1,300 megawatts of wind installed in New York today and an extensive body of evidence showing turbine noise is causing deleterious impacts on people living near the towers, was Herkimer County fooled into thinking it would be spared?
17 Oct 2011

Effects of wind turbines on one Massachusetts town

Hari Sreenivasan of PBS News Hour talks to Heather Goldstone and Sean Corcoran of WCAI in Cape Cod, Mass. about their reports on the fallout of a wind turbine Falmouth, Massachisetts. While there's no comprehensive scientific research to subtantiate the negative health impacts of wind turbines, residents living near the 400 foot tall turbine have complained of headaches, sleep deprivation, and tinnitus. Godlstone and Corcoran talk about the ongoing debate in Falmouth and its implications for wind energy in Massachusetts and nationally. Duration: 5 minutes 42 seconds
17 Oct 2011

Wind turbines and the flock

Victorian graziers Anne and Gus Gardiner recently got some great news. The Italian fashion house Zegna declared them one of Australia's top two fine wool producers. But the recognition comes right as the Gardiners are pondering the future of their business. They fear they might need to shut down their award-winning sheep property because of a forest of wind turbines rising on their boundary.
12 Oct 2011
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