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Evaluating the impact of wind turbine noise on health-related quality of life

Nah_2011_thumb This paper compares the health-related quality of life (HRQOL) of individuals residing in the proximity of a wind farm to those residing in a demographically matched area sufficiently displaced from wind turbines. The study employed a nonequivalent comparison group posttest-only design. Self-administered questionnaires, which included the brief version of the World Health Organization quality of life scale, were delivered to residents in two adjacent areas in semirural New Zealand. ...Those exposed to turbine noise also reported significantly lower sleep quality, and rated their environment as less restful. The data suggest that wind farm noise can negatively impact facets of HRQOL.
28 Sep 2011

Hot air and cold wind

Here's what we think: This wind farm is a game-changer. This cannot be understated. The Chokecherry Sierra Madre wind farm redefines Carbon County and, although it provides short- and, arguably, long-term monitory gains, it doesn't furnish enough benefits to raze our outdoors culture.
28 Sep 2011

Family taking heat over lawsuit

One man who spoke with The Daily News doesn't doubt some people's health does suffer due to the turbines. "Everybody is not the same," he said. "Everybody is going to have a different way of it affecting them." The Michaud property is just over a kilometre away from the closest turbine.
26 Sep 2011

Turbine noise 'destroying' our lives

Several residents feel they are trapped living with the noise because if they tried to move house few people would be interested in buying a property next to a wind turbine. Nick Williams lives at Fullabrook itself with six of the turbines near his house. He claimed the wind farm had destroyed the area he lives in as well as his life.
23 Sep 2011

Liberal Leader McGuinty stands by wind turbines amid new concerns about health effects

Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak has promised a moratorium on wind turbines and has said he'd allow local municipalities to have a say over such projects. "I think Dalton McGuinty's policies of forcing industrial wind turbines like pins in a pin cushion across the province is wrongheaded," said Hudak. "I think it's causing damage to communities and it's awfully expensive, driving up our hydro bills."
22 Sep 2011

Infrasound and low frequency noise from wind turbines: Exposure and health effects

Turbine_noise_and_healthaffects_thumb Wind turbines emit low frequency noise (LFN) and large turbines generally generate more LFN than small turbines. The dominant source of LFN is the interaction between incoming turbulence and the blades. Measurements suggest that indoor levels of LFN in dwellings typically are within recommended guideline values, provided that the outdoor level does not exceed corresponding guidelines for facade exposure. Three cross-sectional questionnaire studies show that annoyance from wind turbine noise is related to the immission level, but several explanations other than low frequency noise are probable. A statistically significant association between noise levels and self-reported sleep disturbance was found in two of the three studies.
22 Sep 2011

A Big Wind: Shell Oil blows into Ferndale, Calif.

NIMBYism is the default invective hurled these days when anyone raises valid questions about what's being sold, but name-calling and threatened boycotts are cheap shots when the stakes are so high. After all, just how GREEN is this technology really? Who amongst us is sufficiently schooled on the true efficiency and safety of giant wind turbines? I've seen them stretched across dry, treeless land abutting freeways and thought, "now there's a good use of unpopulated, barren landscape," but frankly, I don't know much about them.
20 Sep 2011

Prove It, Mr. Governor!

The Patrick administration, as well as Falmouth, has ready access to citizen sufferers as examinable evidence. Yet, the Governor and other legislators cling to the creation of ‘setbacks' and ‘other' standards for wind energy projects, all the while, marginalizing any need to re-analyze health standards. ...Prolonged and unnecessary suffering in Falmouth, and elsewhere in the state, must stop!
19 Sep 2011

Indigenous Hondurans affected by a wind farm

Thousands of Lenca indigenous in Honduras, have been affected by the construction of a wind power plant, the project occupies their lands and affects the environment which is their source of life. The English translation appears along the bottom of the video. Duration: 2 minutes 46 seconds  
17 Sep 2011

Turbine troubles placed on the record

Ogan, who filed his complaint in January, said the company told him that his antenna wasn't high enough. But he disagreed. With that same antenna, he said, his TV got better reception before the wind farm started. His wife, Claudia Ogan, said her TV had often been down to one channel since the wind farm started operating.
17 Sep 2011

BEP approves lower turbine noise standards

Petitioners who asked the Board of Environmental Protection to lower the allowable nighttime noise level of the turbines are unhappy that the standards were lowered by only 3 decibels, from 45 to 42, rather than to the 35-decibel level they sought, said Portland attorney Rufus Brown ..."So far it's the only time where the issues we've raised have been seriously. I think it's a landmark in that sense."
16 Sep 2011

Plans to build bigger wind turbines on Frodsham Marshes could have a negative impact on residents, say campaigners

Plans to increase the size of ‘giant' turbines on Frodsham Marshes will ‘blot out the landscape' and ‘cast a shadow across hundreds of homes', say campaigners. ...Campaigners are outraged with changes to the original application, which could see the size of the individual turbines increase from a width of 90m to 100m.
15 Sep 2011
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