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Vermont's Energy Options

Vermont's Energy Options is a documentary work-in-progress being produced by non-profit Energize Vermont. The purpose of the documentary is to examine the different paths Vermont has to a renewable energy future and create a dialogue around their respective impacts and benefits. Duration: 19 minutes 27 seconds
1 Jan 2012

Wind Turbines and Proximity to Homes: The impact of wind turbine noise on health

Frey_hadden_wt_noise_health_01jan2012_thumb This paper addresses the issues of wind energy policy where it violates the basic living environment of families and the adverse health effects of wind turbine noise. It also assesses the considerable number of anecdotal reports from people living with wind turbine noise. Although there are many who dismiss anecdotal reports as inconsequential or meaningless, these reports are from real people, living with real problems, often with no recourse: They put 'the human face on science'. The authors examine how this translates into a human rights issue, as government policy assigns more credibility to acousticians' reports than to medical evidence, and assigns more importance to renewable energy policy than to the individual lives injured by that policy.
1 Jan 2012

Remarks presented on wind turbines to the Board of Health

The reason the information in them should be highly valued is that they have been submitted, reviewed and accepted by an academic journal ...It further requires the authors to disclose any financial support or conflict of interest. This is important because information funded by the wind industry has an innate tendency to suppress dangerous safety information because it will lower demand for their product. If wind turbines are perceived to be dangerous, it will be harder to sell them to towns like Fairhaven.
29 Dec 2011

Solyndra: Politics infused Obama energy programs

An outside energy adviser foresaw serious political damage, writing to senior West Wing officials in February to warn that because federal loans went to companies linked to Obama donors, a wave of Republican attacks "are surely coming." He recommended that Obama consider replacing Energy Secretary Steven Chu and his deputies, perhaps with a bipartisan management team.
26 Dec 2011

Shirley Wind Project, the impacts

This must-view video tells an important story of how turbines in Wisconsin are harming people and forcing them from their homes. At least eight families in Shirley, WI, in the Town of Glenmore just south of Green Bay, are reporting health problems and quality of life issues since the Shirley Wind project went online in December of 2010. Six families have come forward, five of them testify on the video, and at this time two of them have vacated their homes. STAND UP to protect people, livestock, pets, and wildlife against negligent and irresponsible placement of industrial wind turbines. The Shirley facility consists 8 Nordex 2.5 MW wind turbines (20 megawatts) located in Glenmore, Wisconsin. Duke Energy acquired the project from Central Hudson Enterprises Corporation. Duration: 23 minutes 59 seconds
22 Dec 2011

New information has come to light since Fairhaven approved wind turbines

If the Town of Fairhaven refuses to acknowledge new, scientific and experiential evidence that is being made available to them before the turbines are constructed, it seems to me that we are opening ourselves up to the possibility of lawsuits against the town for negligence. And that might end up costing us a lot more than what the wind industry is promising us.
22 Dec 2011

School Committee chairwoman says they will study material on health risks of wind turbines

Opponents said the turbines will be close enough to the new elementary planned for the Wood School site to warrant study of their potential health risks. Ms. Kuechler said that at the end of the meeting, "A couple of the members said they thought it is a good idea to look at the information." Since then, she said, "We're all in the process of individually looking at that."
22 Dec 2011

Official lashes out at wind firms

The board delayed action on noise regulations, but it began discussion on the setback distance. The board's chairman, Ron Conderman, recommended keeping the current 1,400 feet ...Fassler suggested a mile, which he said would require wind farms to negotiate with everyone in that area. Neighbors shouldn't have to negotiate after wind turbines are up, he said.
17 Dec 2011

For near neighbors, turbines a noisy prospect

When the developer that sold the Tudors their $500,000 home and acreage proposed an 80-turbine wind farm on nearby land, the couple were shocked. "We're devastated that our developer, after creating this pristine residential community, now aims to spoil our scenery with monstrous wind turbines," the Tudors wrote.
14 Dec 2011

Farming community against wind farm

The wind was blowing strong in Wells County Thursday night, but not the way the Plan Commission and Apex Wind Energy officials had hoped. ...A little over a dozen people raised their hands when asked who was in favor of the wind farm. Otherwise, almost all of the approximately 100 people that crowded the Southern Wells High School cafeteria were greatly opposed to the idea.
8 Dec 2011
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