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Council against 'ring' of wind farms - Airport radar trouble feared over turbines

FEARS over air safety have prompted council chiefs to refuse to back dozens of huge wind turbines planned for land between Doncaster and Lincolnshire. Campaigners have been fighting plans for the wind farms, which would litter the area between Thorne, near Doncaster, and Crowle with turbines 125 metres (410ft) tall. Among their fears are the visual impact such schemes would have. They say they would create a "ring of steel" around the protected and valuable Thorne and Hatfield moors site. Doncaster Council is expected to meet this week to debate a revised planning application for a number of the sites, including a controversial wind farm near Thorne.
18 Sep 2006

FAA green-lights wind power plans - One project still faces lawsuit by opponents

Two Wisconsin wind power projects that were stalled by concerns that rotating turbines would interfere with military radar have received the go-ahead from the Federal Aviation Administration. Among them is one of the largest wind farms on the drawing board in Wisconsin: the Forward Wind Energy Center in Fond du Lac and Dodge counties. The Forward project, being developed by Invenergy of Chicago, was moving toward construction this year when it ran into a roadblock of opposition. Permits have been issued for both the Forward project, a 133-turbine development near the Horicon Marsh, as well as the Butler Ridge wind farm in Dodge County, said Bruce Beard, the FAA manager in Texas responsible for the office that issues permits.
17 Sep 2006

RAF Base in Radar Fear Over Windfarm

A MASSIVE wind farm would cripple radar for Tornado jet fighters, defence chiefs say. The Ministry of Defence have lodged an objection to plans to build 13 giant turbines at Gathercauld in Fife. They say the 278ft turbines would block the line of sight from the control tower at nearby RAF Leuchars. And they claim the blades would slice through radar waves, disrupting communications and the plotting of aircraft. The objections are backed by environment groups and Lib Dem leader Sir Menzies Campbell.
13 Sep 2006

Windfarm Raises RAF Radar Fears

THE Ministry of Defence has confirmed it is investigating a windfarm proposed in Ceres amid fears that it could interfere with RAF Leuchars air base. MoD officials are concerned that the 13-turbine windfarm planned for the outskirts of the village could affect crucial radar signals from the base and pose problems to low flying jets in poor weather.
8 Sep 2006

Defense Department Misses Wind Farm Litigation Deadline

The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) announced last week that it would miss a legal deadline in a suit that alleges the department is preventing wind farm construction across the nation. The department had until August 28 to file their response to the Sierra Club’s claim that it has created a virtual moratorium on the construction of new wind power plants by failing to complete a study of windmills’ impact on radar by Congressionally-mandated.
5 Sep 2006

The Effect of Windmill Farms On Military Readiness

Dodwindfarmreport_thumb This report focuses on the effects of wind farms on air defense and missile warning radars and the resulting potential impact on military readiness. Its scope is limited to these specific subjects and is based on the current level of understanding regarding interactions between such defense systems and state-of-the-art wind turbines.........The results from those flight trials documented that state-of-the-art utility-class wind turbines can have a significant impact on the operational capabilities of military air defense radar systems. The results demonstrated that the large radar cross section of a wind turbine combined with the Doppler frequency shift produced by its rotating blades can impact the ability of a radar to discriminate the wind turbine from an aircraft. Those tests also demonstrated that the wind farms have the potential to degrade target tracking capabilities as a result of shadowing and clutter effects.
1 Sep 2006

Airport's objections block wind turbine plan - PLANS to power a Cramlington factory by wind have been knocked back.

Blyth Valley Council refused planning permission to enable Aesica Pharmaceuticals to install two wind turbines up to 140 metres high at its plant in Shotton Lane. Although several members of the council's development control panel felt the application was a positive step towards using renewable forms of energy, a vote concluded that the turbines would impact on radar systems in the flight path to and from Newcastle Airport.
25 Aug 2006

Wind turbine verdict adds to concerns

An investigation into what caused a half-ton chunk of a wind turbine blade to snap off and crash into a field has dubbed a “manufacturing fault”. The verdict has caused concern among windfarm protesters, who have asked whether there may be faults in other turbines across the Westcountry - many of which are situated close to houses and roads.
24 Aug 2006

Air radar tilts with windmills: FIRE ISLAND: Electric generation could interfere with airport system.

A Chugach Electric idea to put giant, electricity-producing windmills on Fire Island is giving its neighbor, Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, a case of bad vibes. Radar experts recently found that electromagnetic waves from the proposed 33-windmill project would be so strong they would warp the signal of the airport's main air traffic control radar. On top of that, the sheer size of the windmills, whose blade tips could reach 400 feet in the air, would also physically block the signal of another key radar already on Fire Island.
21 Aug 2006

Eighty hectares burn with mount low and pine in a fire between Pétrola and Blond Corral

The mount albaceteño returned to give a new scare yesterday. A aerogenerador of the Aeolian park of the Anorias in Pétrola began to burn on the four with afternoon and caused a forest fire in the place known like the Cord. Editor's Note: This translation is not great but this fire in Albacete, Spain was caused by a wind turbine. Apparently this is the second incident.
17 Aug 2006

Draft- Environmental, Health, and Safety Guidelines for Wind Energy

Ifc_draft_-_wind_energy_august_1_2006_thumb The Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Guidelines are reference documents designed to provide project developers, financiers, facility managers, and other decision makers with relevant industry background and technical information. This information supports actions aimed at avoiding, minimizing, and controlling EHS impacts during the construction, operation, and decommissioning phases of a project or facility.
1 Aug 2006

BAE counters wind farm threat

BAE Systems has developed a bolt-on, two-chip radar signal processor that can negate the radar-confusing returns that wind turbines generate (Flight International, 11-17 July). The advanced digital tracker (ADT) does not interfere with the radar, but post-processes the signals before they are shown on the display, dismissing the clutter the turbines can create so "real" targets can be detected even close to large wind farms.
25 Jul 2006

Radar may hamper wind

SIOUX FALLS (AP) — Developers and officials hope that three wind farm projects in the works for South Dakota will go forward despite military officials’ concerns that turbines might interfere with radar.
17 Jul 2006
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