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Do your part to protect conservation land from Energy Unlimited

The “Penobscot Wind Park” is clearly an inappropriate and incompatible use of county conservation and recreational land. We support the efforts of the current Bear Creek supervisors as they attempt to bring order to this project, which was given a free reign by the previous township administration. For our part DOW, with our partners from Bear Creek Township, will continue to fight for taxpayers rights in court. Concerned sportsmen, and Luzerne County residents should demand that the majority Luzerne County commissioners begin to protect this property and the rights of the taxpayers who will ultimately pay for it.
2 Oct 2006

Barcia wants windmills back on at Thumb elementary school

The recent shutdown of three windmills at an elementary school in Michigan’s Thumb has put state regulators on the hot seat. Putting heat on the Michigan Public Service Commission in Lansing will hopefully help get three windmills at Laker Elementary School near Pigeon turned back on, and make it easier for future wind developers to locate here, said State Sen. Jim Barcia, D-Bay City. Barcia said he plans to send a letter, likely today, ‘’requesting that the PSC play a stronger leadership role'’ in resolving the Laker school issue without putting an undue financial hardship on the school. Two weeks ago, the school windmills were shut down by a contractor after DTE Energy raised safety and reliability concerns about the turbines, including whether the electrical grid can handle additional generation and whether line workers could be injured by power from the turbines during an outage.
2 Oct 2006

Wind projects OK'd

MILWAUKEE (AP) - The Federal Aviation Administration has given approval to two Wisconsin wind power projects that were stalled by concerns that the turbines may interfere with military radar. Permits have been issued for the Forward Wind Energy Center in Fond du Lac and Dodge counties and the Butler Ridge wind farm in Dodge County, said Bruce Beard, the FAA manager in Texas responsible for the office that issues permits. "The (permits) are through. We are absolutely through with them, and they have got clearance to start building them," Beard said Friday.
29 Sep 2006

U.S. report: Windmills fool radar

Defense officials say large, industrial wind turbines such as those proposed for Nantucket Sound can interfere with military radar systems if built in the radar's line of sight, according to a report released yesterday. Based on the report's conclusions, the officials have asked for more analysis about whether the proposed 130-turbine Cape Wind project would interfere with an Air Force radar station in Sagamore. The 62-page report, prepared for Congress by the Office of the Director of Defense Research and Engineering, specifically concludes that previous analysis of the effects on the PAVE PAWS radar station were ''overly simplified and technically flawed.'' The report calls for a more comprehensive study ''on an expedited basis.''
29 Sep 2006

Public get a chance to have their say on windfarm development

Local residents will be given the opportunity to view proposals for a 12-turbine windfarm on the outskirts of Stonehaven this weekend. Renewable Energy Systems, the company behind plans for the scheme at Meikle Carewe, near Netherley, is holding a public exhibition in the town on Saturday. The firm announced last month that it was going to resubmit a planning application for a windfarm on the site, which lies four miles north of Stonehaven. An earlier application for a 10-turbine development was rejected by Aberdeenshire Council’s Kincardine and Mearns area committee in 2001 due to the possible interference with radar and TV and a perceived loss of amenity to area residents.
29 Sep 2006

DOD report says wind farms will affect military readiness

MILWAUKEE - Large turbines generating electricity in a radar line of sight can harm the ability of air defense radars to detect and track aircraft or other aerial objects, the U.S. Department of Defense said Thursday in a new study. The only way to make sure that U.S. forces can perform their air defense missions is to avoid putting the wind turbines in the line of sight of the radars, said the report submitted to the Senate and House Armed Services committees. Efforts have started to find other ways but they "require further development and validation" before they can be used, given that some turbines with rotating blades reach 500 feet high, the report said. "The numbers, height and rotation of these wind turbines present technical challenges to the effectiveness of radar systems that must be carefully evaluated on a case-by-case basis to ensure acceptable military readiness is maintained," the report said.
29 Sep 2006

Fears wind farm will scare horses

Plans to build 16 wind turbines across a historic bridleway could decimate a local stables business. Up to 120 horses and ponies use Three Shires Way at Nun Wood, near Lavendon, Bozeat and Harrold but, if approved, the 125m high turbines would surround the animals. Milton Keynes Council is currently listening to objections to Npower’s application, including the concerns of the family-run Lower Farm Stables, on Castle Road. There are fears that horse riders would no longer be able to use the bridleway as the noise and light disturbance from the 90m blades would create a potential safety hazard. The British Horse Society recommend that turbines should be no nearer than 375m from bridleways but at Nun Wood some would be as close as 215m.
27 Sep 2006

Second wind farm project halted

The wind has been taken right out of a second wind energy project in the Thumb Area. Last month, Michigan’s first wind farm near Ubly was put on hold until next year. Now a smaller wind energy project in the Laker School District near Pigeon has been shut down by DTE Energy. The utility company says safety is the reason, but others disagree.
26 Sep 2006

Airport move plan hits windfarm snag

According to chiefs at Cambridge Airport, wind farms can interfere with radar across a distance of up to 40 miles. The two feasible locations for the aerospace giant’s move away from Cambridge are Wyton and Mildenhall but wind farms are planned in the vicinity of both. David Buckley, airport director, highlighted the issue at the latest meeting of the Cambridge City Airport Consultative Committee.
25 Sep 2006

Invenergy Wind backs letter to Bush, White House

BROWNSVILLE -- It isn't over until it's over. Horicon Marsh Systems Advocates vows to continue fighting the approved $250 million wind farm planned for construction near the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge. In a recent development, Invenergy Wind LLC agrees with statements in a letter that 36 members of Congress sent to President George W. Bush and White House Council on Environmental Quality Chairman James L. Connaughton concerning wind energy and the Department of Defense study, said Neil Palmer, public affairs consultant for the Chicago-based developer. "We are very pleased to see the congressional delegation taking these positions and that three of them are from Wisconsin," he said. "While we have apparently been cleared on this issue in regard to the Forward project we feel that it's important that the DOD complete the study and if there are issues that it provide a description of how to address them."
21 Sep 2006

Invenergy Wind to reassess $250 million project

BROWNSVILLE - Invenergy Wind LLC will re-evaluate its entire $250 million project after the Federal Aviation Administration recently issued hazard determination permits for 80 of its 133 turbine sites, according to Neil Palmer, public affairs consultant for the Chicago-based developer. He said Invenergy Wind plans to obtain pricing updates on turbines, equipment and construction as well as establish a schedule after nearly a year-long delay while the Department of Defense studied the effect wind turbines would have on military radar. "Once we get through that we'll have a better definition of when we'll start building but we don't know that today," Palmer said. He said the DOD, which doesn't have the authority to issue permits for wind turbines, asked the FAA to grant them until the DOD concludes its study.
19 Sep 2006

Council against 'ring' of wind farms - Airport radar trouble feared over turbines

FEARS over air safety have prompted council chiefs to refuse to back dozens of huge wind turbines planned for land between Doncaster and Lincolnshire. Campaigners have been fighting plans for the wind farms, which would litter the area between Thorne, near Doncaster, and Crowle with turbines 125 metres (410ft) tall. Among their fears are the visual impact such schemes would have. They say they would create a "ring of steel" around the protected and valuable Thorne and Hatfield moors site. Doncaster Council is expected to meet this week to debate a revised planning application for a number of the sites, including a controversial wind farm near Thorne.
18 Sep 2006

FAA green-lights wind power plans - One project still faces lawsuit by opponents

Two Wisconsin wind power projects that were stalled by concerns that rotating turbines would interfere with military radar have received the go-ahead from the Federal Aviation Administration. Among them is one of the largest wind farms on the drawing board in Wisconsin: the Forward Wind Energy Center in Fond du Lac and Dodge counties. The Forward project, being developed by Invenergy of Chicago, was moving toward construction this year when it ran into a roadblock of opposition. Permits have been issued for both the Forward project, a 133-turbine development near the Horicon Marsh, as well as the Butler Ridge wind farm in Dodge County, said Bruce Beard, the FAA manager in Texas responsible for the office that issues permits.
17 Sep 2006

RAF Base in Radar Fear Over Windfarm

A MASSIVE wind farm would cripple radar for Tornado jet fighters, defence chiefs say. The Ministry of Defence have lodged an objection to plans to build 13 giant turbines at Gathercauld in Fife. They say the 278ft turbines would block the line of sight from the control tower at nearby RAF Leuchars. And they claim the blades would slice through radar waves, disrupting communications and the plotting of aircraft. The objections are backed by environment groups and Lib Dem leader Sir Menzies Campbell.
13 Sep 2006

Windfarm Raises RAF Radar Fears

THE Ministry of Defence has confirmed it is investigating a windfarm proposed in Ceres amid fears that it could interfere with RAF Leuchars air base. MoD officials are concerned that the 13-turbine windfarm planned for the outskirts of the village could affect crucial radar signals from the base and pose problems to low flying jets in poor weather.
8 Sep 2006
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