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A New Blip on Wind Power's Radar Screen

PITTSBURGH Wind power may be flying high, but the young industry fears its growth may be clipped if federal rulemakers and Congress continue to set up new regulatory January, Congress mandated a study of the effects of proposed wind turbines on military operations, including aircraft radar, triggering special scrutiny by the Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Defense .
21 Jun 2006

Wind turbines need more study

Gov. Manchin is only being prudent by suggesting that West Virginia turbine projects also wait until the national studies are completed. Isn’t it better to be safe than sorry? I honestly believe the governor should pass an executive order halting the building of more giant wind turbines in West Virginia until we can all get our bearings.
19 Jun 2006

Fire in Chettikulam wind-power unit

Police said the wind turbine generator of the unit exploded last night and caught fire. The splinters from the turbine, located a few kms from the Koodankulam Nuclear Power project site, spread over one sq km after the explosion.
19 Jun 2006

Energy company says wind study may raise prices

MINNEAPOLIS - Xcel Energy Inc. says a federal study to see whether wind turbines interfere with military radar could delay projects in Minnesota -- and that could lead to increased costs for wind-generated electricity. The Federal Aviation Administration told more than a dozen wind developers in the region that their projects may not get safety permits until the Department of Defense study is finished. It's not clear when the study will be done.
18 Jun 2006

New Interference on the Horizon for U.S. Wind Power Development

At Tehachipi pass, a well-known wind farm in Central California, even the smallest wind turbine, the tips of its blades whirling at just the right speed, gives off a radar signal larger than that of a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet, according to Gary Seifert, Program Manager, Idaho National Laboratory, who spoke at last week's annual U.S. wind power industry conference.
17 Jun 2006

The proposal is reckless

While Cape Wind has targeted politics and well-funded opponents as the culprits, the real issue -- and villain -- is the utter recklessness of building a massive industrial-scale project across 24 square miles of Nantucket Sound.
23 Apr 2006

Wind technicians keep active at turbines

Whether it happens in the "wee hours" or the middle of the day, if anything goes wrong with a wind turbine, it'll shut itself down immediately and send an alert to a wind technician, says Kevin Carswell, the operations manager at Canadian Hydro Developers Cowley Ridge installation in Alberta.
13 Apr 2006

Wind project grounded

Fears over the safety of pilots using the Pincher Creek Municipal Airport have put the brakes on a wind farm project, approved by the municipal district more than two years ago.
31 Mar 2006
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