Massachusetts Savoy considers removing wind power welcome mat 6 Dec 2017
USA Analysts expect final GOP tax bill will throttle renewable energy 5 Dec 2017
USA Wind could see retroactive tax hike under Senate plan 5 Dec 2017
Indiana Miami commissioner opposes wind ordinance 5 Dec 2017
Michigan Hearings held on wind turbine plans 5 Dec 2017
USA Kansas Giving Away the (Wind) Farm 5 Dec 2017
South Dakota Utilities regulators will ponder a waiver sought for wind farm 5 Dec 2017
UK Kirkby Moor Wind Farm plan REJECTED after impassioned local opposition 5 Dec 2017
Vermont Energy plan takes a hard stance on big wind 4 Dec 2017
Ohio Tougher setback rules for wind turbines generate controversy 3 Dec 2017
USA Massachusetts What was once hailed as first U.S. offshore wind farm is no more 2 Dec 2017
Australia Power off the subsidies: Feel-good renewables hurt everybody, especially the poor 1 Dec 2017
USA Massachusetts Cape Wind gives up its federal lease 1 Dec 2017
UK Carrick wind turbine plans blown off course as giants fail in bid 1 Dec 2017
Iowa Iowa 'loves' industrial wind? Not where I live 1 Dec 2017
USA Why all the sudden hype for wind energy? 1 Dec 2017
USA Alexander Introduces Amendment to End Wind Production Tax Credit At the End of This Year 1 Dec 2017
South Dakota Developers ditch wind power easements in Lincoln County 1 Dec 2017
Germany German regulator triggers onshore wind rescue 1 Dec 2017
Delaware A future with offshore wind energy? Residents confront pros, cons 30 Nov 2017
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