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Blade throw in Holland

Blade_throw_in_holland_thumb Newspaper report of a turbine accident near the provincial highway between the towns of Alkmaar and Schagen in NW Holland. One of the blades of a Vestas turbine, 3000 kgs and 23 meters in length, broke and landed next to the highway not hitting anyone though. At that time no cars were passing. Falling turbines are not an uncommon sight in Holland. In 2007, three turbines went down.
15 May 2008

Turbine burns at Ewington wind farm

Suzlonturbinefire1_thumb Smoke pours from the top and bottom of one of the wind turbines at the Ewington Wind Farm near the Heron Lake exit north of Interstate 90 Wednesday (Mar 26) morning. The Brewster and Okabena Fire Departments responded to the scene, but upon the advice of Suzlon Wind Energy officials, the fire was allowed to burn itself out. (Brian Korthals/Daily Globe)
28 Mar 2008
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