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Property values and health impaired by wind turbines, experts tell East County residents

Both McCann and Krogh said that a number of turbine neighbors had walked away from their homes, because they could not live with the impacts and no one would buy their homes. Others must find someplace away from the turbines to sleep and many have had to send their children to live with relatives to clear up various illnesses.
28 Jan 2011

Hammond wind panel OKs property guarantee

The town's Wind Committee voted 9-1 Tuesday evening to adopt the controversial Residential Property Value Guarantee and move it on to the Town Council as part of its proposed wind zoning law. ...With the move, the committee appears to have taken direct aim at the company most interested in locating a wind farm in Hammond.
30 Dec 2010

Hammond panel adopts home guarantee

The committee voted 9 to 1 Tuesday evening - with committee member and leaseholder, Michele W. McQueer, casting the lone dissenting vote - to adopt the controversial Residential Property Value Guarantee (RPVG) as a suggestion to the town board. In a recent letter from Iberdrola Renewables to the committee, Mark Epstein, Esq., senior counsel, wrote, "We believe that if the Committee chooses to pursue the RPVG, it will prevent any development of windpower facilities in Hammond."
30 Dec 2010

Iberdrola threatens to pull project

The board is considering a law proposed by the town's wind committee that would require Iberdrola Renewables to compensate property owners who see drops in their land values because of the presence of wind turbines. The proposal also requires the company to buy out any property owner who objects to living near a turbine.
13 Dec 2010

Iberdrola: RPVG Draft Is 'Unworkable'

While Iberdrola Renewables says a proposed law requiring wind turbine companies to compensate property owners who see drops in their land values could force the company to drop plans for a development in Hammond, Town Supervisor Ronald W. Bertram says he supports the ordinance.
12 Dec 2010

A new slant on wind farms

"According to expert organizations such as professional Certified Real Estate Appraisers, industrial wind development adversely impacts land values within the immediate wind-zone and a peripheral area of approximately two miles," according to Grabski. He based his data on research conducted by the Certified Real Estate Appraisers in various states for property within two miles of wind turbines.
27 Oct 2010

County says they must follow the rules

A realtor's survey in August found the values of homes adjacent to the wind farm had declined; and, in the case of Stan Mundy, whose property abuts the project, that his home was "virtually unsellable" at a reasonable price. It also found no area home sales had been made by realtors in over a year. But county records show 11 homes have sold in the past year (apparently through private sales).
5 Oct 2010

Properties ‘virtually unmarketable’

Taylor said in his report that rural property close to town is usually in good demand, and noted he’s the agent for one parcel in the area. He has had over 50 inquiries on his listing in about two months, but 40 dropped interest after learning about the location. “In follow-up with the inquiries, the number one reason for not having genuine interest in this property is because of the proximity of the wind towers.”
22 Sep 2010

U.S. wrestling with property values and setbacks for its wind turbines

Use effects include the loss of peaceful use and enjoyment of homesteads for many turbine neighbours, and there is evi­dence that livestock has been adversely impacted by the noise from turbines, ranging from death (goats in Taiwan) to reproductive disorders (in Wis­consin) and behavioral changes and irritability of horses and cattle. Those may also repre­sent cost effects, in some cases, or other forms of financial impact.
18 Sep 2010

Wind turbines hurt homes' resale value

Across Ontario, rural residents among turbines are finding their houses un-saleable. Would you buy a house among 86 industrial wind turbines, 28 of them visible from the home and the nearest just 750 metres away? Some of the homes on Wolfe Island are within 500 metres of the nearest turbine.
17 Sep 2010

Agency to probe turbine impact

"It's about the industrialization of the area," said Gail Kenney. "We're living in an industrial wind plant, with the noise and lighting -- all those issues and many more." If they win their appeal, it could eventually make it difficult for wind generation companies to find new locations to set up their projects.
15 Sep 2010

New wind farm regulations could decrease property values

After two months of regular meetings, the wind siting council recently completed a report containing various recommendations and submitted it to the PSC for approval. The report is controversial and many critics maintain that the interests of neighboring property owners are not adequately protected due to the makeup of the council, which was weighted in favor of wind energy interests.
2 Sep 2010

Wind farm permit clears one Livingston Co. hurdle

ZBA board members Michael Cornale and Joan Huisman wanted Gamesa to include a "good neighbor plan" in its project. It would ensure property owners in the area will be compensated if property values drop because of the wind farm. The county's attorney, Tom Blakeman, said such a requirement is not currently in the county's ordinances.
17 Jun 2010

Property values blowing in the wind

Sales records show that Cape Vincent has had a steeper decline in residential property sales than its neighbors and real estate professionals are starting to blame proposed wind power developments. "People do not want to buy near windmills," said Amanda J. Miller, owner of Lake Ontario Realty, Dexter, who specializes in waterfront property sales. "They avoid purchasing in towns like Cape Vincent."
7 Apr 2010

Wolfe Islanders challenging tax assessments

Some Wolfe Island residents are challenging their tax assessments, claiming that 86 wind turbines installed in the community have hurt property values but a spokesman for the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation says the agency has seen no evidence to support the homeowners' requests. "It's difficult for us to determine the effects of a wind turbine until they go to sell," said Mike Contant, account manager for eastern Ontario.
30 Mar 2010

Neighbours blindsided

Neighbours straddling the borders of a planned $45-million solar power generating farm just northwest of the city say they were blindsided by the announcement and fear their property values will drop. Alfie Gray said he only learned Thursday the solar farm would wrap around home. "The thing is going to be wrapped around my house," Gray said. "My concern is the value of my house. Is it going to depreciate because of this?"
9 Feb 2010
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